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Shenseea Teams Up With Purple Disco Machine For ‘Honey Boy’

May 3rd, 2024

Jamaican singer Shenseea’s dynamic vocals are featured in German producer/DJ Purple Disco Machine’s new song, Honey Boy.

The project, which also features Swedish Singer Benjamin Ingrosso and American guitarist Nile Rodgers, was released on Friday (May 3).  

“Combining the infectious grooves of classic funky disco with modern pop sensibilities, Honey Boy transports listeners to a realm of pure euphoria with its rhythm, vocals and driving energy,”  a release to DancehallMag noted.

“The single has become a firm favorite in Benjamin Ingrossos’s captivating live performances, who introduced the song as a special addition to his sets. Inspired by its underlying funk vibes, Purple Disco Machine added his nu disco signature touch to the track setting the stage for a collaboration of epic proportions.  To elevate the single to its ultimate potential and to maximize the connection with disco past and present, Purple Disco Machine enlisted the legendary Nile Rodgers to added his trademark iconic guitar licks, taking the track to new heights.”

Shenseea handled the majority of the song’s chorus and also appeared in the music video directed by Alice Fassi. Benjamin plays the titular role of a honey-covered man searching for love.

“I came up with “Honey Boy” at a nightclub in Stockholm, carried away by the rhythm of a house beat that instantly had me humming along to what would become the chorus,” Ingrosso explained. 

“That melody haunted me for an entire year. It wasn’t until I found myself in a Chinese restaurant, nodding along to a disco track, that it all clicked. It had to become a disco song. The song, shaped by a memorable encounter in the city’s nightlife, quickly moved from concept to studio recording. Once recorded, we all felt the potential the song had and that we had to add more talented influences to make it reach its full potential. I reached out to Tino (Purple Disco Machine) to see if he wanted to finalise it with me, which he wanted! After having gone back and forth and crafted what we believed was the perfect foundation for the song.”

He added: “We reached out to Shenseea who joined in and added her touch to the record. The final piece of the puzzle was when Tino got Nile Rodgers to add live guitar to the song, infusing the track with authentic disco-era vibes. On my Europe tour I have been teasing the song and “Honey Boy” has proven irresistible, compelling everyone to dance.”

Purple Disco Machine added: “Benjamin sent the track to me late last year and I was immediately intrigued by its hook, infectious melody and overall funky vibes. I just couldn’t wait to really upgrade and highlight the disco and funk sensibilities of this one”

From left: Nile Rodgers, Benjamin Ingrosso, Purple Disco Machine and Shenseea.

“Shenseea’s voice just fits the song perfectly and really complements Benjamin’s amazing vocal performance. Obviously with an artist name like mine it is pretty easy to guess that Nile Rodgers is one of my all-time heroes and someone I always dreamed of working with. Legend doesn’t really cover it! I reached out to his team and was just so thrilled when his guitar lines came back. It’s the perfect match to this track and I could not be prouder to have my name with his on the artist credits. Just can’t wait to actually meet him.”

Press play on Honey Boy above.

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