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Shayy Soprano Decries Modern-Day ‘Hate Crime’ That Claimed Life Of Teenaged Jamaican Student

May 2nd, 2024

Dancehall songstress Shayy Soprano is concerned that hate crimes perpetrated against minorities and persons of color still continue to happen in modern-day America.

Her concerns have grown even sharper in the wake of 16-year-old Jamaican-born teenager Justin Johnson’s death in Dauphin County in Pennsylvania last week. She believes that some Americans might be shocked at the language caught on his doorbell camera before his collapse, but they shouldn’t be.

Growing up in the US, she comprehends America’s complex racial history. “Hate speech or any behavior that denigrates another person’s rights is learned behaviour, it is ingrained through centuries of hate and discrimination, it is not skin deep,” she told DancehallMag.

“It’s crazy, these racial incidents are just a symptom of an underlying problem. This is coming from the time of our great great grandparents, and up to even a generation ago, children are still being taught how to hate people outside their race. It is sad that this 16 year old boy had to pass to show that this ugly bit of racism still exists, even after George Floyd, even after the pandemic,” she said.

Surveillance footage in the Justin Johnson incident posted to social media and timestamped around 8:30 p.m. Friday showed three or four boys chasing Justin, 16, from his home after ringing the doorbell. “Where the (expletive) did he go? He went to [expletive] Africa,” one of the boys yelled in the video.

Shayy Soprano, who calls herself a ‘Bad Gyal’, believes that hate and racism must be met head on. “He should have stood his ground, that’s why it is good to educate your kids about where they come from and so they can know how to articulate their disgust and stand up for themselves in incidents like these,” she said.

An autopsy has determined that the cause of death for Johnson was complications relative to sickle cell disease. A heart disorder identified as cardiomyopathy was also identified as another “significant condition” that was involved. The results of the autopsy were released by the Dauphin County Coroner.

“That’s BS. The Jamaican government and the boy’s parents need to petition the prosecutor’s office, the Attorney General, somebody in authority, and charges should be filed,” Shayy Soprano said forcefully.


In the meantime, Shayy Soprano continues to represent her Jamaican roots. She recently showcased her Jamaican roots during a special cultural showcase held at the York College Performing and Fine Arts Department.


Dressed in a full black ensemble with the colours of the Jamaican flag emblazoned over her midriff, she started off her set with a powerful rendition of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

However, it was her rendition of Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ that sent an electric current of excitement through the crowd and earned her a loud ovation. She also did a rendition of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, her husky vocals oozing with emotion.

She then segued into a performance of her own songs such as Best Life, Temptation, El Numero Uno and Stay Inna Dis, the latter of which earned her an ovation from the audience.

She called on her special guest talents, Chris Honor and Rhandy Rover, for an energetic song called Bad Gyal, and closed with Soprano Freestyle.

The artist, whose real name is Shauna McCrea, recently got a citation from the New York City Council for her contributions to women in the areas of fashion and industry.

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