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Minister Marion Hall: “If You Have A Problem With My Blessed Body Talk To God About It”

May 9th, 2023

Minister Marion Hall set aside the Holy Bible during her Sunday sermon to blast her detractors, whom she says have been criticizing her attire, especially clothes that show off ample bosom.

Hall returned to online preaching on Sunday, mere days after she announced that she would “no longer be preaching and doing prayers and fasting online,” as social media had become a place where she did not “want to be”.

During her sermon, Hall (formerly Lady Saw) declared that nobody could stop her from dressing as she wishes.

“I’m telling you what God has still told me to tell you you will not stop me from praising him.  You will not stop me from dressing up.  These are mine,” she said, grabbing her bosom and thrusting her breasts upwards.

She then deejayed:

“A fi mi dem, a fi mi dem.  A fi mi dem, a my titty dem

A fi mi dem, a fi mi dem.  A fi mi dem, a God gimme dem”

“Blessed body so I cover them sometimes what can I (do).  I have a blessed body.  It’s mine so cuss me for it I did nothing to it I have no enhancement I didn’t enhance nothing.  I it is mine it is mine, look it is mine,” she added while turning around and showing her posterior, before slapping one of her buttocks.

Hall then went on to say that she was minding her own business, and that her tormentors ought to do likewise.

“So if you have a problem I care zero.   I’m gonna tell you about the blessed body that God has given me and if you have a problem with your body, your colour your hair, your whatever, I care zero.  I am not watching you; I am here to preach the word of God and if I try to dress up and look nice oonu complain.  If mi dress like a woman oonu complain.  What else must I do?” she questioned.

The seemingly exasperated Hall appeared to be fighting to contain herself and control her words.

“I will not let you, oonu Satanic – Oonu suck oonu – ,” she continued, then held back.

“I come in the name of the Lord so if you have a problem with my blessed body talk to God about it.  Amen?  Hallelujah.  A my titty dem.  So wha? Teck dem off?   Come on, some people well want suppm like dis.  Leave me alone! Blood a Jeezas… A caan tan oonu.  Some a oonu.  Oonu come hitch around God people and act as if…,” she added.  

In March, Hall had announced that she would be releasing a new single which places focus on the body, titled Blessed Body, and which was aimed at “bringing awareness to the fact that God created our bodies, so perfectly, but we choose to put on and take off what we feel like, which sometimes causes us our lives”.

“Love it or hate it. This is a Blessed Body,” she had said in reference to herself.

On Facebook on Sunday, her followers who tuned in to the sermon, rejoiced at Hall’s return.  

“Am happy for you at the end of the day make your mine and stop confuse people I will always ❤️ you no matter what,” one woman said, while a male follower added: “Keep up the great work sis don’t mind these who want to say all manner of evil things about you rejoice and be glad great is your reward over them”.

There was, however a word of caution from one female follower who urged the St Mary native to take the moral high ground.

“You’re not perfect, but were expecting much of you. That’s a good thing. So don’t go low. Right now you need to rise above the occasion,” she stated.

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