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Jah Vinci ‘Winning’ With New EP, ‘I Am The World Singer’ – DancehallMag

January 26th, 2021

Dancehall singjay Jah Vinci is out to prove he isn’t limited to one genre, declaring himself The World Singer on his new EP.

A former member of the Worl’ Boss’ Gaza camp, Jah Vinci, whose real name is Kirk Rhoden, has been trending upward with his solo efforts since the group disbanded in 2012. His unmistakable register is heard on conscious assists such as Quada’s 2018 breakthrough hit Celebration, as well as Popcaan’s grimy track Steamy.

He’s been bolstered thus far by his presence on some of the biggest bangers in the past decade, spanning the full sphere of dancehall’s themes – Weh Dem Ah Guh, Baby Girl I’m Alone, Watch Yuh Friends, and Guide Me.

The man with the million-dollar voice linked up Kyng Midas producer NotNice once more to score some rich sounds for the new album. He said he was eager to work reprise their Portmore Empire heydays as they “have dat chemistry from Gaza days, [and] everything weh him put out ah gold.”

Promoting the project in an IG Live session, Jah Vinci spoke highly of the tracks and their potential impact in these tumultuous times.

“Mi have a song fi everybody pon da EP deh. Mi have songs fi di thugs dem. Mi have songs fi di people dem weh a go through whole heap and dem just need da motivation deh.”  Basic, Gyallis and Eye of the Storm are among the EP’s seven tracks.

Rhoden’s hard work on the balanced project continues to pay off. The EP debuted in Apple Music’s Top 5 and the visuals for its sultry single, Virgin, just gained a YouTube milestone.

Celebrating his steamy song hitting a million views mark on YouYube, Jah Vinci wrote on his Instagram page, “I may not have the number 1 trending song but damn 1M views in 4 weeks feels damn good!!! “VIRGIN” #congratsteamOCM #notnicerecords thanks to every one sharing and showing love I appreciate you all.”

In the song, Jah Vinci drops the typical gyallis antics for an intimate moment with his favorite girl. The Shane Creative visuals set the mood with rose petals and a roaring fireplace matching the fiery on screen chemistry. It quickly built a buzz around the song which Rhoden says is “just a sexy song fi all ah di ladies dem, sumn fi thrill dem.”

It was previously a Top 10 contender on Jamaica’s YouTube trending and has caused such a stir that Twinkle officially entered the chat.

Jada Kingdom decided to shoot her shot for a remix in the comments, and based on the growing number of replies, fans are here for it. “Trust me, it wuda shock like a tazer,” one fan wrote, while another urged the Bedroom Bully songstress “Dweet quick.”

While Jah Vinci hasn’t issued a response to the Budum deejay, there’s no question that a collaboration would amp up the sex appeal tremendously.

Rhoden did however speak with TVJ’s Entertainment Report recently where he affirmed his longevity in the fickle Dancehall space.

“Ah mi meditation and di type of songs weh mi deliver,” he stated. Singing the opening lines of ‘Eye of the Storm’ for reference – I know u may stumble/ Nuh sit down and grumble/ Mi know seh it hard when yu think bout life – he concluded, “song like dem deh can play all inna church man.”

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