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Gaza Sheba Says Vanessa Bling Was Jealous Of Her Affair With Vybz Kartel

May 4th, 2024

It’s not often that you see two women cackling over a once shared lover, but for artist Gaza Sheba and media personality Shelly-Ann Curran, the past is the past. 

The women were intimately involved with dancehall juggernaut Vybz Kartel at different points in their life, and discussed it on Curran’s YouTube show this week. While it was all good times for the ladies, Sheba said some of Kartel’s former lovers took the fling seriously, leading to her fallout with Vanessa Bling, formerly Gaza Slim. 

The You And Him Deh collaborator said she has good relationships with the women from the now-defunct Portmore Empire camp, except Bling whom she hasn’t spoken to in several years. 

“Me and nobody (from the camp) never really have nothing apart from one person,” she said before confirming it’s Bling. “She did a cuss up… Mi nuh fight over people property weh a nuh mine.”

Gaza Sheba

Mr. Love Dem would have been in a long-term relationship with Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, but as Sheba told it, made time for several affairs. She labeled Bling one of his primary side chicks.

“Me and him never deh, but we, you know (had sex), four times,” she revealed.

She added that their fling began a year after she graced the label. 

“(When it comes to Bling), I think it’s just the regular female jealousy where the d–k is concerned,” she said. “Mi nuh think a nothing musical. A nuh nothing fi do with career wise or nothing to that. Mi nuh think a attention because as mi seh, mi and him never deh so a nuh like him did a pay me any attention. Any attention him really pay me was mostly musical because as mi seh, me and him was just like a quick couple minutes thing.”

Sheba claimed the One Man singer was in love with the ‘World Boss’ which made matters personal.  

Vybz Kartel (left) and Vanessa Bling

“Him deal with all of we equally when it come on to music, so that was just a personal thing because I think she find out seh me and him do the do, knock likkle boots or whatever, which I don’t think she shoulda did have a problem with because me did deh deh before she, it’s just that she did clap him before me… Everybody else come get knock before me.”

As the Like Christmas singer recalled, it almost didn’t happen. The entertainer shared she isn’t one to indulge in liquor, but decided to have a drink in support of Kartel’s Street Vybz rum venture. 

“A drinking cause it cause if Street Vybz never come out, all now… We drink Street Vybz dah night deh and I’ll never forget dah night deh. That’s when mi get high up inna mi head and then him introduce me to him ‘blackberry curve’.”

Sheba, Vybz Kartel

Though she hasn’t spoken to Kartel in years, Sheba says it will always be love between her and the man who brought her to the forefront.

“People always a wonder how me and him relationship stay, if we good, if we have feud… Me and that man good; all when me and him nuh good, trust me.”

Sheba’s career slipped into the shadows following Kartel’s murder conviction in 2014. The ruling has since been overturned by the UK Privy Council, with a retrial hearing set for June 10 at the local appeal court. 

Kartel’s formidable collective featured other artists like Popcaan, Blak Ryno, Jah Vinci, Gaza Kim, Gaza Indu, Lisa Hyper, Merrital Family, Deva Bratt, Shawn Storm and producer Notnice. 

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