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Ariel Pink & John Maus Attended Trump’s Rally In Washington

January 9th, 2021

In the past few days, Pink has also been doing a whole lot of Twitter trolling, supporting the fiction that the presidential election was stolen from Trump.

Maus, on the other hand, has been more cryptic about his involvement.

As Twitter users have pointed out, Maus appeared in Moyer’s Instagram story yesterday as well.

Pink has made trolling statements about feminism before: “Everybody’s a victim, except for small, white, nice guys who just want to make their moms proud and touch some boobies.” In a Stereogum interview in 2017, Pink said some things that seemed vaguely sympathetic to Trump:

Donald Trump symbolizes to me how everyone has it wrong and people don’t appreciate how much they have it wrong. They don’t take the opportunity to look at themselves and say, what’s wrong? They’re just like, that’s not America and that’s not me! No, that’s you. It’s you, you live here, you are America, you are that, you are Donald Trump, whether you want to believe it or not. You haven’t faced it.

I got the Donald Trump treatment before Donald Trump. I could’ve warned him.

Maus, on the other hand, has released songs called “Cop Killer” and “Rights For Gays,” and he once described himself as being “left of the left of the left.”

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