On Monday, Vic Mensa took to Instagram to reveal that his Chicago–based non-profit organization SaveMoneySaveLife had been robbed of its entire donation inventory on New Year’s Eve. The organization lost over $40,000 worth of donated items, from new shoes to medical supplies.

“Somebody brought a truck and emptied us out,” a weary Mensa shared on his personal account. “Over $40,000 worth of brand new shoes, winter coats, sleeping bags, you name it.”

In order to regain the losses sustained in the robbery, SaveMoneySaveLife has launched a fundraising campaign.

“When we arrived the morning of New Year’s Day, our team discovered all of our items ransacked and thousands of dollars worth of shoes stolen,” the organization later explained in a statement. “We had a huge shoe distribution planned (postponed due to COVID-19) and all the shoes we collected were taken. Countless hours, money and energy went into acquiring and organizing these donations and has left us deeply disheartened by this loss.”

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Vic Mensa is not new to philanthropy as he has previously made conscious impacts on his community. Through his non-profit, he helped 11,000 young people learn how to become street medics. He, along with his non-profit, also teamed up with Healthy Hood Chicago to provide winter essentials for those less fortuante. He is also an activist towards gun control and school shootings

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