James Harden was officially traded to the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday which means he will now be on the same team as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. These three players have the potential to be incredibly dangerous alongside one another and fans are eager to see them all on the court at the same time. They are clear contenders to win the Eastern Conference and if they remain healthy, all while building chemistry, there is no reason why they can’t give a team like the Los Angeles Lakers a hard time.

Not everyone is excited about this latest move, including legendary NBA player Shaquille O’Neal, who was quite critical of Harden recently, noting that the superstar never gave the Houston Rockets his all and that he never came up big when it mattered.

Shaq made note of all the superstars who have played alongside Harden and how it never seemed to work out even though it should have. For Shaq, going to Brooklyn is the easy way out and not a great look for a player who won an MVP trophy not too long ago.

It’s certainly a harsh assessment but coming from Shaq, it isn’t too surprising.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner Sports