The pressure is being felt by Chris Stokes after Raz B challenged his former B2K manager. For years, Raz has made controversial remarks about Stokes and what he allegedly endured as a child star. According to the B2K singer, Stokes allegedly sexually assaulted him, and while Raz has been making these claims for some time, his controversial moments have placed a shadow over his accusations.

Recently, Raz sat down with Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee for the blogger’s Fox Soul series. During their talk, Lee claimed that Raz B was open and honest about his experiences, but prior to it airing, Fox Soul received a cease and desist letter, causing them to shut down the interview’s release. Raz later came forward to blast Stoke and even offered a challenge, saying that they both should sit down for polygraph tests.

Meanwhile, Omarion’s brother O’Ryan was on his Instagram page sharing a few family photos of himself and his daughter, Namiko, that he shares with Jhené Aiko. Chris Stokes appeared in the comments with a few emojis showing support, but O’Ryan only had one response for Stokes: “TAKE THE POLYGRAPHS [eyeball emojis].”

Soon, people began to flood O’Ryan’s comments as they, too, urged Stokes to answer Raz B’s challenge. Stokes has reportedly made claims that it was Raz’s brother who abused the singer, not him. Check out the posts below.