E.T. is out there and watching earth’s inhabitants as if they were participants in a reality show—or so says Machine Gun Kelly. The Tickets to My Downfall hitmaker is a firm believer in alien lifeforms, and he shared his experience with seeing a UFO-like presence only days ago. Kelly visited The Late Late Show With James Corden where he spoke about his recent chart-topping album and shared a story of what he allegedly witnessed in California.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff / Getty Images


“Homie, I saw life on this planet that was from another planet two nights ago over a lake in Thousand Oaks,” said the rock-rapper. “A red orb came out of nowhere went, disappeared again. I was in Bora Bora a week before that whole like, Hawaiian blue orb over the Pacific. Bora Bora is also in the Pacific. Saw the same exact orb that they were talking about in Hawaii, saw the same thing where we were at.”

They’re out here,” MGK added. By the way, they’re all looking at Earth, like, ‘You guys are so dumb!’ Everything we’re doing the past year is so dumb. We’re all so dumb. This is the best reality show of all time for anyone not living on this earth.” Do you believe there are beings surveying the Earth? 

Watch Machine Gun Kelly‘s interview in full below or skip to around the 4-minute mark to hear his alien tales.