The death of Mac Miller continues to haunt hip-hop fans, many of whom had followed the multi-talented artist since the early days of Blue Slide Park. Though initially coming into the game as a youthful and endearing stoner, the realities of life in the spotlight quickly began to impact Mac’s artistry. What followed was one of hip-hop’s most fascinating artistic evolutions, one that found Mac shedding the trappings of innocence and embracing a darker sound.

 Chelsea Lauren/WireImage/Getty Images

Following acclaimed projects like Watching Movies With The Sound Off and Faces, Mac proceeded to look toward the light once again, leading to what would eventually become the final projects of his career. Prior to his sudden passing on September 7th, 2018, Mac had recently released his fifth studio album Swimming, a serene and reflective project that displayed a welcome sense of maturation from the artist known as Larry Fisherman. And to think, Mac was only 26 when he passed away, leaving behind millions of devastated fans and an unfinished album in Circles. Today would have been his 29th birthday, a reminder that some of his most creatively fruitful years were still ahead; who knows what type of music Mac might have been crafting were he to have seen thirty? 

We’ll never know. All we can really do is celebrate the legacy of Mac Miller, sharing our appreciation for the late rapper whenever we can. Happy birthday Mac Miller! Gone but not forgotten — sound off with your favorite musical Mac moments in the comments below, whether its bars or melodies.