We are only a few hours away from receiving a new song from the legendary Lil Wayne, it appears. The New Orleans rapper jumped on Undisputed to speak with his friend Skip Bayless, where he made the announcement.

During his appearance on the show, Lil Wayne explained how the song came about, revealing that the Packers asked him to write a hype song for them. “I did a song before [Green and Yellow] and we had a good turnout. It was successful,” he said. “We had good results and we’re trying to do it again this time.”

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

When Skip Bayless asked the rapper to reveal some of his favorite lines in the song, he refused to give up too much information, joking that he doesn’t “say nothing about cowgirls” before claiming to have spent extra time on the production of this song. “I took a lot of time into it,” said Tunechi. “I worked on it for three days, too. I don’t do that.” Wayne is known to crank out dozens of songs on any given night, so that’s definitely an anomaly for him.

According to Skip, the song releases tonight at 8:45 PM EST. He also says that Packers’ coach Matt LaFleur personally asked Lil Wayne if he could get in the studio to record the song.

Are you looking forward to hearing some new music from Lil Wayne, the world’s biggest Packers fan?