Florida rapper Lil Pump appears to be getting sick of some of his face tattoos, taking action to have one of them removed– or so it seems.

The “Gucci Gang” rapper has been in the headlines for the last few months because of his very vocal endorsement of former President Donald Trump. He spoke at one of Trump’s rallies pre-election, being introduced as “Lil Pimp” and seemingly getting in the President’s ear regarding the commuted sentence of Kodak Black, earning a mention in the official White House write-up for his reason of pardon. As the public has largely turned its back on him, Pump may be attempting to restructure his image (literally) by getting one of his face tattoos removed.

As shared by multiple hip-hop blogs on Instagram, including DJ Akademiks, Lil Pump looks to have gotten one of the tattoos removed from his forehead. The ink in question seems to be the frowning face in between his eyebrows. It’s unclear whether he’s keeping his other face tattoos or if they’re all going away soon.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Recently, Lil Pump has been promoting his new OnlyFans page, looking for extra income as he promises he’ll be doing “whatever the f*ck [he] wants” on the page. He has also raised eyebrows with his disrespectful lyrics toward the late Juice WRLD in a rock song that he previewed on social media.