Lil B may not be on your radar as a lyrical great, but don’t let his jovial demeanor and whimsical vernacular deceive you — the Based God has certainly played a role in steering hip-hop culture, whether you want to admit it or not. Hell, he’s one of the only rappers to have ever truly defeated Joe Budden — the mind behind “Dumb Out,” on wax. Suffice it to say, there are many who have come to respect Lil B and everything he brings to the table, whether it’s one-hundred song mixtapes or honest takes on rap greatness. 

Gaelle Beri/Redferns/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Based God took a moment to share his picks on the best rapper alive, offering up a decisive name in the number one spot. “MY PERSONAL OPINION. LIL WAYNE BEST RAPPER ALIVE,” he maintains, all caps for emphasis. “AND EVER THEN ITS 2pac THIS IS MY OPINION !! 2PAC ON A WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL YES SO IS WAYNE THO LYRICALLY! 2pac HITS THE SOUL YES AND DEEPER THEN RAP BUT I GOT SOME WAYNE SONGS I CAN PLAY THAT HITS THE STOMACH AS WELL.”

While it’s unclear as to what Lil B meant by his stomach-hitting Wayne tracks, seeing as neglected to name any, it’s clear that he feels quite strongly about the Young Money lyricist. On that note, it’s interesting that the Based God signaled out their lyrical prowess as the dominant shining point, proof that he still values bars to this day. And more specifically, writing that sparks that visceral physical reaction, rare though that may feel. It’s why Pac’s music still endures to this day, and if Lil B’s instincts are correct, Lil Wayne’s prolific output will boast an equally timeless shelf life.

Check out The Based God’s glowing endorsement below.