LeBron James has consistently been the best player in the NBA for years now and at 36 years old, he is still going strong. In the eyes of many, LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers are a lock to go out and win the NBA Championship this season, and LeBron is as determined as ever to make it happen. The King wants that fifth title and if he gets it, he will be one step closer to Michael Jordan

Last night, the Lakers went out and defeated the New Orleans Pelicans in a team effort that had numerous players cooking up some big performances. After the match, LeBron spoke to reporters about the game and what it takes to play at such a high level at his age.

“I continue to put myself in the best position I can be in,” LeBron explained. “You know I train my body and my mind, every single day. I come into the arena or the facility and get in a lot of extra work. Preparing my body, preparing my mind.”

LeBron has gotten his training down to a science and it’s clear that the hard work has paid off. At this point, it seems like LeBron still has five years left in him, and we can’t wait to see what else he accomplishes.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images