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Funkmaster Flex Accuses Jay-Z Of Aligning With Donald Trump

January 26th, 2021

It’s clear that Funkmaster Flex has been harboring resentment toward Jay-Z,  Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez, and by extension, the entire Roc Nation brand. Casting aspersions against Jay-Z’s character at every turn, deeming him to be the “most sensitive motherfuck*r on the planet,” Flex upped the ante by vowing to air out both the Jigga Man and Perez during his Hot 97 show last night. Despite many feeling like some bears are better left un-poked, Flex appeared unwaveringly adamant about his crusade — at least, until it came time to hit the airwaves.

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Despite having drummed up a rollout of sorts, Flex opted to keep things relatively low-key, abstaining from any pointed accusations. He does argue that many prominent New York media voices, be it Elliot Wilson, Ebro Darden, or Charlamagne Tha God, will never speak ill of Jay due to their ties to Roc Nation. As such, it amplifies whatever opinion he tends to share, critical as it may be. Though Flex does add the caveat that he recognizes Jay as both the greatest rapper and businessman of all time, Desiree Perez’s pardon from Donald Trump remains a sticking point for him. 

“So many people from over there got so irritated with me over the weekend,” explains Flex, in the second part of the video embedded below. “It’s just my opinion. And you know something? Ya’ll are bullies, ya’ll are real bullies when you stand behind that dude. Guess what, the big guy Jay-Z, he’s earned that. And ya’ll come from underneath and you want to bully. Well what comes with bullying is people giving their opinion. They bully, but they buy and purchase people and get upset behind the scenes at websites, air personalities, and bloggers.” 


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Eventually, he turns to Desiree Perez’s alleged criminal history, a conversation that gained further momentum after the Roc Nation CEO received a Presidential pardon from Donald Trump. “When a pardon is involved…again, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with testifying, cooperating,” says Flex. “Aligning with Trump, and this is my opinion — Trump loves to shout the Proud Boys. Stand down and stand by. All of this to say, my President is not supposed to shout someone like that. Not supposed to support of give wiggle room to police brutality. Jay-Z shouldn’t be aligning himself with people like that. Do not tell us you’re for the people. On this subject right here, you do not fool me sir.”

“You stood down, didn’t draw attention to the nasty shit Trump was doing,” continues Flex. “Usually in a situation like that, there’s money involved. You speak to somebody. You promise something for a pardon. It was everywhere that Trump was selling those pardons.” He acknowledges that he doesn’t know what it’s like to have heavy charges on his record, showing a moment of understanding to Perez. “The part I have a problem with, is the Trump, Jay-Z moving with him,” says Flex. “Business with Trump and what Trump supports.”

Check out his extensive radio message below. 

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