Twitter was ablaze just about an hour ago as conflicting reports surfaced in relation to the alleged Tory LanezMegan Thee Stallion shooting. A couple of months ago, Tory was hit with charges in relation to the alleged shooting, and today, one outlet reported that those charges were dropped. This led to a snowball effect that eventually ended with the revelation that the charges were not dropped, after all. Regardless, many offered their initial reactions to the first report, with Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant being one of those people.

Upon giving his stamp of approval to Tory, many came at Bryant, claiming that his words were irresponsible. One of those people was Cory Provost, who is a political delegate for the Democratic Party. “Apparently shooting women is “real”. scumbags are hiding in plain sight,” Provost said. This led to a swift reaction from Bryant, who said “Charges are dropped… I’m not going to go back and forth with you because you couldn’t fix your mouth to call me Coward if I stood in your because I wouldn’t mind taking that charge just to make an example out of you.”

Another fan pointed out that the charges weren’t, in fact, dropped, which led to Bryant clarifying his stance on the matter. “Well if they aren’t I’m still going to hold off on my judgement… I understand the media..I pray for justice for the innocent.”

After all of the dust had settled, Bryant issued one final statement on the situation, noting that he likes Tory and that if it were to come out that the artist did shoot Megan, then Bryant would immediately denounce him.

“I like Tory lanez music the man jam period.. if the man shot a woman he wrong no buts about it… but if you think I’m going to dislike somebody without the facts.. go ahead and hate me… social media has taking away a lot of people self control,” Bryant explained.

The entire Tory and Megan situation has been a large point of contention for people on social media and based on the events of today, it’s clear this will continue to be a hot topic until a judicial decision is brought to light.

Todd Olszewski/Getty Images