Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans appear to be in the midst of a falling out right now, as there have been numerous reports suggesting that Watson wants to be traded from the team. Watson is the face of the franchise and if he were to leave, it would be a complete and utter disaster for everyone involved. In fact, fans are so scared of losing Watson that they have organized a march in the city in solidarity with Watson.

The quarterback was recently made aware of this march, which led to a post on Twitter. Watson acknowledged the march and said he was humbled to receive such support. However, he wanted the event to be canceled as the potential COVID ramifications are simply too great right now.

“I’m hearing there is a march planned on my behalf in Houston today,” Watson said. “Although I am humbled I ask that whoever is organizing the march cancel for the sake of public safety. Covid is spreading at a high rate & I don’t want any fans to unnecessarily expose themselves to infection.”

It remains to be seen if the fans will listen to Watson although considering they are trying to honor him, it would make sense to do as he says. After all, his time in Houston currently hangs in the balance.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images