Like many things in life, a surprise cousin can be a gift and a curse — the latter for reasons better left to your imagination. For Denzel Curry and Smino, however, the news that they were indeed connected through blood seemed to bring the two talented emcees closer together. While it’s unclear as to how they came to the revelation, Denzel appeared particularly amused, sharing his reaction on his Twitter page.

 C Flanigan/WireImage/Getty Images

“I found out me and @Smino got the same uncle and to think this ni*ga roasted the fuck out me when we first met,” reflects Zel. “He on the Curry side of the family.” On Smi’s end, he seemed to be in denial about the whole thing, all but guaranteeing that the next time they cross paths will feature yet another roasting edition, this one a family affair. “boi why @denzelcurry my cousin in real life,” writes Smi, prompting fans to encourage a collaboration between the pair of lyrical cousins. 


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As of this moment, Smino and Denzel have yet to cross paths on wax, though Masego previously teased a collaboration involving both parties. It has yet to be released, though perhaps this newly unearthed branch of the family tree will serve as a catalyst for a studio session. Check out their realizations below, and keep an eye out for new music due out from both Denzel Curry and Smino this year, both of whom should have new albums (Denzel’s is titled Melt My Eyez, See Your Futurelined up.