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Cordae & Naomi Osaka: Their Love Story

May 10th, 2023

Cordae and Naomi Osaka are a true power couple—a match made in Hip Hop and sports heaven. As their relationship blossoms in the limelight, we witness the lives of two stars at the pinnacle of their fields. Although their romance surprised their fans, these days, the pair of superstars are deemed “Couple Goals.” They’ve been relatively clandestine with their relationship, but ever so often, Cordae and Naomi offer a rare glimpse into their long-lasting love story.

We’re looking back at the development of this pairing, from their early days conquering the charts and tennis courts to the serendipitous moment that brought them together. We’ll also delve into their tireless support for each other’s careers and the exciting news that they are expecting their first child together. Read on to learn more about the couple that is taking over.

Climbing To The Top

Cordae quickly made a name for himself in Hip Hop with his crew’s debut mixtape, YBN: The Mixtape, released in 2018. He stood out within YBN, hosting presenters YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay. It didn’t take long for Cordae to reimagine his career, resulting in him leaving his YBN moniker behind. However, he maintained that his relationships with his friends were solid. It was a lucrative move, as his 2019 debut studio album, The Lost Boy, earned Cordae two Grammy Award nominations.

Meanwhile, Naomi Osaka’s meteoric rise in the world of tennis began in 2013 when the then-teen turned pro. She quickly gained a reputation for her powerful serve, determination, and skills, outlasting her icons on the court. With her first Grand Slam title at the 2018 US Open and multiple championships since then, including the Australian Open and the US Open again in 2020, Osaka has cemented her status as a tennis powerhouse. In 2021, after an emotional battle, she defeated Serena Williams in the United States Open Finals.

When Stars Align: How Cordae & Naomi Met

When the world learned of Noami and Cordae’s relationship, the rapper revealed they had been dating for some time. They needed to maintain some privacy—and a sense of normalcy—so they kept the romance to themselves. Despite their busy schedules and career demands, the couple managed to stay in touch and nurture their budding romance.

You can often see them at one another’s events. Cordae has been photographed in the stands as he watched Osaka take home one trophy after another. She returns the favor, supporting his live shows and tours. In a 2020 interview with GQ, Cordae gushed about his admiration for his girlfriend. He said, “I can’t really be with someone who doesn’t have any substance or doesn’t act or think on the same frequency and wavelength as I do.”

A New Chapter: Baby On Board!

Fans of the power couple were thrilled when Cordae and Naomi announced they were expecting their first child together. The news broke on social media, with the couple sharing a photo of a sonogram to make their big announcement. Their excitement and love for each other were palpable as they shared their journey towards parenthood. Again, this is a couple that doesn’t flaunt what goes on behind the scenes. However, Naomi recently shared a few photos with her growing baby bum pon display. It’s unclear when the baby’s arrival will be, but the couple’s supporters can’t wait to deliver more well wishes.

Cordae and Naomi Osaka’s love story shows two stars at the top of their respective fields, brought together by fate, and united by their shared passion for excellence.


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