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Azealia Banks Connects Backlash Over Boiling Dead Cat To Black Lives Matter Movement

January 14th, 2021

(AllHipHop News) 

At this point, many people have chosen to add Azealia Banks to the group of celebrities on their personal “do not address” list. The talented, but troubled, recording artist has spent years alienating potential fans because of her perceived racist, homophobic, and generally problematic comments.

This week saw more backlash directed at the New York City native after Banks posted a video to the internet of herself supposedly digging up her dead cat and boiling its body. There was even speculation that the “212” spitter planned to eat the feline’s remains.

Banks took to her verified Instagram account to confront the latest controversy. According to the 29-year-old firebrand, the footage that went viral was representative of her appreciation for taxidermy and not a culinary special featuring her former pet.

“Why do you think I would eat a dead cat when I can barely eat a dead cow? It’s called taxidermy…” wrote Banks on her IG Story. “Plenty of hunters with preserved deer heads hanging off their wall. Darlings… you guys are being racist and this is very un-black lives matter of you all.”

She went on to add, “The cat’s head is soaking in peroxide to fully clean him, then I’m taking him to a jewelry shop to have it gilded. Lucifer was an icon. He deserves to be preserved. You girls are not tough like me.” Banks also highlighted certain religious rituals associated with Catholicism, Christianity, and Judaism.

In one post, the Broke with Expensive Taste album creator pointed out that Catholics “consume” the “body and blood” of Jesus Christ as part of First Communion which often uses sacramental bread and wine as stand-ins for actual human blood and flesh.

Banks also took a direct shot at Christians. She told the followers of Jesus, “Please shut y’all cannibal vampire a#### [the f###] up lol and go buy the pastor a new Mercedes lol.” Later, AB uploaded another video of her cat with a caption of her saying she misses the animal “so bad.”

In recent months, there were concerns that Azealia Banks was dealing with serious mental health issues. Some observers believed the rapper expressed suicidal thoughts on social media before announcing she was “fine” and “better than before.” She also blasted the media for covering that story and told the press to ignore her if she does kill herself.

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