All signs point to a new album from A$AP Rocky, a project that may or may not be titled ALL $MILES, arriving at some point later this year. And while his previous effort Testing was largely divisive, sparking a love-it-or-hate-it response from listeners, many expected to see Rocky taking things back to basics on his upcoming fourth studio album. Now, following yesterday’s Yams Day celebrations, it would appear that such a theory is shaping up to be likely — especially after Rocky previewed a promising new snippet that found him reuniting with longtime collaborator Clams Casino.

David Wolff – Patrick/Redferns/Getty Images

Originally premiered during the live-stream, the atmospheric track found Rocky kicking methodical bars over some vintage Clams Casino production, instantly calling back to their early work. “Mind like George Lucas, I think like Stanley Kubrick,” raps Rocky, likening himself to a pair of visionary directors. “My house full of eucalyptus, that boy straight  mucus / so let’s get straight to it, my chains is humungous / permanent bling my tooth is — yeah I’m a strange human.” 

Though Rocky maintains a slower pace for the most part, he eventually switches into a more dexterous flow scheme, injecting the slow-burning track with a bit of adrenaline. Interestingly, Clams pulls back the drums during these quicker moments, making “Gloves” a slightly disorienting experience — not entirely unexpected, given Rocky’s willingness to push, challenge, and test expected songwriting boundaries. Following the track’s reveal, many immediately shared their excitement in the comments below, all but demanding that Rocky drop his new album post haste. Check out the official snippet below, as shared by Clams Casino, and sound off if this is the Rocky sound you’ve been waiting for.