If you want 21 Savage to feature on your song, you better come correct with a bag because the Atlanta rapper’s manager just revealed he’s asking for six-figures to hop on a verse.

Recently, 21 Savage has featured on songs with artists like Mulatto, Real Recognize Rio, and more, but his upcoming feature appearances will be more limited as it has been revealed by Justin “Meezy” Williams, Savage’s manager, that the rapper is only accepting offers worth upwards of $100,000.

“Dawg a 21 Savage feature is 6 FIGURES,” wrote Meezy on Twitter. “Y’all gotta stop wit da ‘check ya dm bra u playin’ lol naw cause when u get hit wit da ticket u ain’t built for it.” 

Prince Williams/Getty Images — Justin ‘Meezy’ Williams, 21 Savage’s manager

This follows Lil Durk and Lil Baby revealing their own booking prices recently. Lil Durk claims that he’s accepting $200,000 offers to perform and Lil Baby is asking for $400,000. Meezy doesn’t specify what end of the scale 21 Savage is sitting on but it’s likely to be closer to Durkio’s number.

Do you think 21 Savage is worth $100,000 or more for a feature? Considering his tremendous discography, which includes last year’s Morgan Freeman-narrated Savage Mode II, many believe that he’s earned that money.

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Recently, Savage has been in the news because of his constant roasting of YK Osiris and Yung Bleu. He started off targeted the former because of his customized Gucci jacketswitching his pivot on Yung Bleu after he posted up in a similar style.