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Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Squash, Rygin King & More – DancehallMag

January 14th, 2021

Feelings are running high in Dancehall this week, the Gully Gad, Mavado in an unexpected admission, says he’s by no means a perfect man with a heartfelt new track, while Chronic Law is tired of failing at love. Gyptian, on the other hand, is living his best life with bae and wants us all to know.

Rygin King and Tarrus Riley are feeling a little flashy, fawning over wads of cash and tossing around lots of bling in their new videos. Then, in true Dancehall style, Squash and a collab between Vybz Kartel and Sikka Rymes, bring on some pretty raunchy and rude events.

We’ve got the best of the week round-up of trending Dancehall tracks and other hot releases with accompanying music videos, complete with exclusive highlights, and playlists below.

In no particular order:

Mavado – Not Perfect

Putting all egos aside, the Gully Gad releases a new track to say he’s Not Perfect. Though he wishes otherwise, Mavado admits he has had a “couple run-ins with the cops,” and no matter what, he’ll always have his “laser pon the rifle like predator.” The deejay touches on the topic of his son’s incarceration saying, “just know, very soon dat yuh coming home.” Produced by Sponge Music, listen more below –

Tarrus Riley – EZ Nuh

Singy singy Tarrus Riley joins the roster of new releases this week, premiering visuals for his single EZ Nuh. Surrounded by pretty girls and dripping in iced out jewels, the Dancehall singer sways his finessing vocals on the Style A Style Riddim to puffer his elevated “style and flow” while reducing the wannabe flossers out there. Produced by Chimney Records, watch Riley dropping his new track EZ Nuh here –

Kabaka Pyramid – Feestyle & Ready

Reggae sensation, Kabaka Pyramid officially released two new music videos for his singles Feestyle and Ready in less than a week apart. Both tracks appear on the Immaculate Mixtape by Kabaka Pyramid and Federation Sound.

In Feestyle, Kabaka rapidly ‘chat pon di beat’ to rubbish talentless deejays and speak out against those that bleach their skin … listen more and watch the music video here –

Then in Ready, Kabaka teams up with Jugglerz International to insist that he’s as “real” as they come while chiding the wicked to “cease and sekkle.” Watch more in the video here–

Prince Swanny featuring Govana – Power

Dancehall artiste Prince Swanny with the assist of Govana takes turns in verses to deliver this new single Power. The track is a narrative of all the ups and downs that comes with achieving success and power. Prince Swanny says, “Man get rich now,” but warns the envious that he’s “bad fi real suh dem haffi honor.” Listen more in the official audio here –

Gyptian – Best Life

Talk about settling down with that special someone. Gyptian has found the perfect girl and is living his Best Life in his new single. The Dancehall singer boasts about his beau in this one, citing her unconditional commitment and love for him. Produced by Sponge Music, watch the visuals below –

Bugle – Dutty Foot Can’t Step Clean

In this prophetic new single, Reggae artiste Bugle imparts a wealth of knowledge with some classic folkloric aphorisms so listen keenly. As the title “Dutty Foot Cant Step Clean” suggests, Bugle cautions the grassroots to be wary of dirty-minded individuals and to choose the right path in life. Produced by Sponge Music, listen more and watch the new visuals here –

Rygin King – Cheddar

Trending at the No. 1 spot on YouTubeJM just five days after its release is Rygin King’s Cheddar. The Mercedes Benz, top-shelf liquor, money phones, money fans, and his ginormous bling — the trap king puts it all on display to demonstrate “A just the money pon mi mind, mi a talk bout cheddar cheddar.” Produced by Rygin Trap Record and Yung Rich King, watch the visuals below –

Chronic Law – Love Gamble

It seems Chronic Law’s new track, Love Gamble is his attempt at a love song, but he admits he’s no good with these types of things. “Mi spread out mi heart like red carpet and gi people fi walk pon. My tears full bath pan. Mi only build pain and war songs. Ofcourse mi try love ting more than once bredda but it neva last long …” is just a snippet of his verses. Produced by Shab Don Records, watch Love Gamble below –

Squash – Razor

The 6ix boss flexes his Razor sharp wits with the ladies in this new single. Squash says it’s easy for him to get any girl he pleases, even yours. “Mi a walking Razor, shock like taser … Yeah mi gat a bag a girl, mi get pu**y real easy easy, all over the worl …” he brags in the lyrics of the track. Produced by Redboom Supamix and Frenz for Real Studio, watch the 6ix boss in Razor below –

Vybz Kartel & Sikka Rymes – Dirty John Crow

Holding down the No. 12 spot on YouTubeJM is Vybz Kartel and Sikka Rymes’ new single Dirty John Crow. The Worl Boss dishes out a series of lewd scenarios, one after the other and describes his love interest as a Dirty John Crow in between the sheets. Sikka then chimes in to cheer on even more indecency. Produced by Short Boss Muzik and Vybz Kartel Muzik, watch the new visuals here –

Beenie Man & Iyah Syte – Warning

Dancehall vet, Beenie Man teams up with conscious lyricist, Iyah Syte to issue a stern Warning to all the youths. In the track, they scold the politicians and police for their corrupt practices at the expense of the ghetto youths. By highlighting these lawmen and their tainted schemes, the two musicians urges to take heed. Produced by 24/7 Music Production LLC and St8 Fyah Beats, listen to the official audio for Warning below –

Jahvillani – Bleaching Cream

Dancehall artiste Jahvillani has caught the bleaching bug and loves it. After unveiling his new skin color recently, the deejay now addresses all concerns in his new single Bleaching Cream. “Mi hear dem a talk, mi nuh respanse. Mi rub on mi bleaching cream,” he sings proudly. The new look has sent the girls flocking and the red eye rivals peeving. Produced by Tevino “ YGF “ Richards & Derron “ HMP “ Herah, listen more here-

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