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Vanzo Says If He Does Not Get Shenseea He Will Settle For Spice In “Mi Good”

January 9th, 2021

Former Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contestant, Vanzo is letting his listeners know he is doing well in his most recent banger entitled “Mi Good”, produced by Abie On productions.

The Dancehall song finds the artiste delivering the track in his peculiar vocal style, and goes on with the deejay touching on some topics that every trying young man will respect.

According to Vanzo, he believes in having a lot of girls around him, instead of considering the gunman lifestyle, something he made extremely clear in the introduction of his song.

In the chorus of the track, he spoke to the fact that he does not sponge on people, and is a person who likes to pop his tags.

It is in the same chorus he does a repetition by singing “Mi good, Mi good, Mi good dawg” which surely brought out the vibes going into the first verse.

In the first verse of the song, Vanzo thinks that if he is ever in a situation where he is unable to pay the fare, there is no doubt that he will be footing the trod.

Regardless of circumstances though Vanzo has made it clear that girls often time visit him, making him love offers without him even asking, which leads him to the conclusion that he must be blessed to be getting those types of benefits.

He goes on to make it known that once he has money all is well.

In a brave lyrical ploy Vanzo stated that he loves all girls so in the case he does not get Shenseea, he will settle with Spice, as if he could snap his fingers and take her away from Justin Budd one time.

He goes on in the second verse to make the point that while he might be for the girls, it makes no sense to disrespect him of his crew as Spanish Town is his place of residence.

In the visuals done by “Dark Moon”, there can be seen a lot of girls by a poolside with the artiste, gallivanting and having a good time.

The song and music video, in general, reflects the life of someone who loves partying, girls and drinking and will certainly be a dancehall hit if Spice or Shenseea hears and endorses the track.

Watch the music video below.

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