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Man Proposes to his Woman in court to get her to drop Assault Charges

January 22nd, 2021

During the court session yesterday Andre Chantiloupe was called to defend himself against a claim from his common-law wife of 14 years, it was reported that Andre was physically assaulting Neisha Morrison.

36 year old Andre Chantiloupe asked his girl of 14 years yesterday January 21, 2020, to marry him, Andre went on his knees in court yesterday and pull a ring from his pocket and pop the question to Neisha Morrison “will you marry me”.

His action left even judge Lori-Ann Cole- Montague speechless and blown away, faces inside the court were filled with joy as Andre expresses his endless love for his girlfriend who was left in tears.

Reason for both party to be present in court yesterday is because Andre had physically abuse his girlfriend the mother of his two children on December 23, 2020 that leave bruises all over her face.

Andre Chantiloupe apologised to his girlfriend yesterday using these words “Neisha, I realize that I have done you wrong, but I really want to apologise to you and make it right for the rest of our life” he went on to let her know that their relationship will never end up before a judge again because that is not what he want for kids and rest of family.

Andre told the weekend star that he has been unfaithful to his spouse a few times and he is being honest now and don’t do those things anymore, however, he goes on to say he bought the ring to asked her to married him from June but because his girlfriend was upset with him he never got the chance to pop the question.

Chantiloupe says they got into an argument two days before Christmas and that was what lead up to him hitting her.

Andre went on to explain that he got time to look into himself and realize that his action was so wrong and want to make everything right for him and his family.

Andre makes a big and bold move by asking his 27 year old girlfriend to marry him in front of everyone in court yesterday to make a big example and show her that he is willing to make a huge change to save his relationship.

Neisha Morrison says “I was shock because I wasn’t expecting this” we’ve been through a lot and I know he is making it right, and I was trying myself, but we will be moving up from here”.

Wishing: Andre Chantiloupe and Neisha Morrison all the very best and congratulation to them both as they move on up.

Credit: The Weekend star for the information.

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