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Khago Shoots Shot at Pamputtae After her Performance on Nicki Minaj’s Tour – Watch Video

May 5th, 2024

Dancehall artiste Pamputtae turned a lot of heads when she performed on Nicki Minaj’s world tour in Toronto, Canada, on April 30. She has even caught the attention of Dancehall deejay Khago, who decided to pursue her during a live stream. 

The Nah Sell Out artiste stated that he had a chance with Pamputtae last month because he saw her admiring him, but he let the opportunity slip through his fingers.

Khago whose real name is Ricardo Gayle says, “Look how close, Pamputtae inna mi hand, a eat outta mi hand last month. Pamputtae a look pan mi, cyah tek har eye offa mi, all a Mandeville, and a seh, ‘what a ra**ss bwoy nice man.”

He also said that he should have carried her to “the tall house,” but now she seems to be on the path of getting rich before him. Khago later added, “I wonder if Pamputtae can forgive me before she wull on pan US$2 million.”

“Mi shudda give Pamputtae b**kas… Mi seh mi have Pamputtae inna mi palm. Mi nah go seh mi have har wet and weak enuh, but mi know mi have har half weak and half wet enuh. Di gyal ge weh,” states Khago during the live chat.

Watch the video of Khago below:

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