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Kaylan’s younger Sister doesn’t Understand why their Mom is giving Kaylan more Attention

January 23rd, 2021

During a live podcast on YouTube yesterday with Kaylan’s Mother multiple Youtubers from the Youtube channel called Setting family, including Huge Spencer and Laura K joined in to discuss what is happening in her family and how Kaylan is doing.

Laura asked Kaylan’s mother Veneshia Buckley to share what she meant when she earlier stated that her younger daughter is affected by Kaylan’s incident. Miss Buckley went on to explain that her 9-year-old daughter does not understand what is happening and why her mother is not spending much time with her.

She said her daughter asked; “Mommy out of me and Kaylan which one you love most and tell me the truth mommy tell me the truth”. She stated that she has been explaining to her “so many times” but she is young and not understanding why mommy must be up and down “back and forth to the hospital” and not with her because she is always by her sister’s house.

Veneshia Buckley went on to outline that the younger daughter spends time with her on the weekends.

Latest  Updates on kaylan: Miss Buckley says that Kaylan is coming on because they are now able to read her lips to understand what she is saying, she also went on to say that kaylan is now breathing on her own but not enough to come off the ventilator.

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Buckley discloses that Kaylan is in is need of blood because her blood count is low due to the medication she is on.

According to a Doctor at the facility where Kaylan is at, the blood banks are dry because of Covid-19 so if people can go and donate blood for Kaylan please do so. In the video, Kaylan’s mother thanked everyone who already went to donated blood for her.

Buckley also informs the viewers that Some of the medications are affecting Kaylans’ kidney.

In closing Huge Spencer encourages Miss Buckley to keep the faith and continue to be strong because she has set a big example for other people around the world.

Watch the full interview below.

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