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Defends Bailey’s Actions – Interview – YARDHYPE

March 27th, 2024

Phoenix Football Academy founder and agent of Leon Bailey, Craig Butler, has refuted previous reports that the player was suspended from the Reggae Boyz for disciplinary reasons and says that he had planned on taking a break before the announcement.

Ahead of the Reggae Boyz’ Nations League Semifinal against the United States last week, it was announced that Bailey was suspended. The announcement cited disciplinary reasons, disclosing that the footballer had broken the team’s curfew and missed their bus. Subsequently, an interview with Bailey on the Let’s Be Honest podcast was released, during which Bailey announced that he would be taking a break from the national men’s team.

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Amid the backlash Bailey has been receiving, Butler has spoken out in defence of the young player, with the athlete’s agent giving a contradictory explanation of events. While Butler did not deny that Bailey broke curfew, he said it was an unfortunate outcome of Bailey having to stay at a different hotel than his team.

Butler expressed that, while Bailey has no issue with his teammates, the sleeping arrangements provided by the federation can create difficulties. It was highlighted that on past occasion(s), the Aston Villa player was not able to get enough sleep because the other player sharing the room was still up.

According to Butler, Bailey usually books a separate room at the hotel the team is staying at. However, on the night he broke curfew, the hotel was full, forcing him to go to another hotel.

“Unfortunately, the last time the hotel was full, so he had to go to another hotel, and that’s how he missed the bus. So it wasn’t that he’s like, oh, I’m gonna stay out and party and do whatever, no,” Butler told CVM TV Sports.

Contrary to Reggae Boyz coach Heimir Hallgrimsson’s statements during a press conference, which confirmed Bailey’s suspension, Butler said Bailey had not been suspended. During his interview, Butler said Hallgrimsson had called Bailey prior to the press conference to ask him to play despite missing curfew.

Craig Butler celebrating with Leon Bailey

However, as per Craig, Bailey wanted to temporarily step back from the Reggae Boyz. Butler said Bailey’s break was a result of the mental and physical toll caused by travelling ten hours to and back from Jamaica to Europe in subpar conditions.

Butler added that this has resulted in Bailey suffering multiple career-threatening injuries in the past. According to Butler, instead of sharing Bailey’s plan to take a break, Hallgrimsson said he was suspended.

“Instead of the coach doing what he agreed to do, which was to advise the public that Leon was not taking part for personal reasons like he does with Hutchinson and everybody else, the coach proceeded to advise the public that Leon was being suspended,” Butler stated.

In regards to Bailey potentially returning to the Reggae Boyz for the Copa América tournament in June, Butler expressed that that will be dependent on Leon, his management team, and if the JFF is compliant.

Watch Butler’s interview in the sport report below.

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