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Brazillian Doctor Reportedly Rips Off Infant’s Head During Childbirth

May 9th, 2023

A Brazilian mother’s hopes of welcoming her second child into the world were shattered on May 1 after her doctor allegedly ripped her newborn infant’s head off during a horrific childbirth.

Reports state that the mother, Ranielly Coelho Santos, was hospitalised at the Hospital das Clinicas da UFMG on April 28, and her labour was later induced at 28 weeks because of her high blood pressure. Santos’ partner was called in to observe the birth more closely by the obstetrician, and the terrified father was forced to watch the alleged incident as the doctor tried to remove the baby girl’s body quickly.

The family has filed a complaint with the authorities, and the child’s father told investigators that he saw his daughter blink and move her mouth, proving that she was alive at the time. However, the hospital has asserted that the baby’s lung abnormality would have prevented survival. According to Santos and the baby’s father, they were never told this by the medical staff.

( From right to left )Ranielly Coelho Santos and the father of her now deceased daughter
image – Newsflash via The New York Post

Reports from the New York Post state that the infant’s head was sewn back on so Santos could hold her, and a social worker from the hospital told the family that the facility would pay for the child’s burial. However, they would only do so if the parents agreed to sign a waiver that “the autopsy had already been performed” and that it “would not be forwarded to the Legal Medical Institute (IML)” for further analysis.

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Santos and the infant’s father refused, demanding an IML-conducted autopsy. The investigation is ongoing, and the results of the autopsy have not yet been made public.

Santos’ sister has disclosed that she has been having difficulty sleeping, and when she does, she wakes up to what she believes is a baby’s scream.

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