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Asafa Powell ‘Super Excited’ at Sons Sports Day, Runs Around in Celebration – YARDHYPE

March 28th, 2024

Supportive as any parent can be for their children’s achievements, Asafa Powell did not hold back when it came to encouragement and celebration at his sons, Amieke and Azhaf’s, sports day.

Video from the day captures a super excited father (Asafa) cheering on his son in a race, and the footage was captioned, “I’m too excited for sports day.”

It seems that being fast on the track is in their blood, however, the multiple videos of Asafa and his sons participating in mock races with each other may show that the boys also put in the work needed to be future sprinters.

The Sports Day video starts with a line of boys in their positions for the race as the commentator indicates the time for them to start. Each boy has someone standing behind him (a teacher or parent) to help indicate when it is time to run.

A whistle is blown and the boys run toward the finish line.

In the background of the video, Asafa can be heard blowing a horn and yelling “Go” as yellow house (and Azhaf) takes the lead. When the win has been secured, Powell takes off at a run around the field in celebration.

The footage cuts to another race with older kids who start running almost immediately, and Asafa cheers once more from the sidelines as the race progresses. He shouts, “Go Amieke, run Amieke, run Amieke…” trailing off into a scream as he starts running around the field in a similar fashion as the first race.

Toward the end of the video, someone asked Asafa about the results of the race to which he stated, “….Him win, yeah.”

Watch the video below:

As equally excited for his kids as the retired athlete, people in the comment section of the post celebrated their wins as well.

Mikey.pryce said, “Yeah a little too excited 😂😂. But I know the feeling. Nothing like your kids sports day + they winning. It “run” in the genes,” and empressjay72 wrote, “Bredda yuh have one job, one job and that is to video our nephew. So all the internet aunties and uncle can celebrate his win.”

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