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January 23rd, 2021

Thank you internet for the Bernie At The Gig memes. I guess we should stop now.


#10  rubberbandit
Score:39 | Jan 17th

He was a genius who revolutionized music making. He was also a abusive murderous nutjob. You can be both. His work will live on and should be remembered regardless of how awful a person he was.

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#6  brightcolorsanddirt
Score:43 | Jan 15th

If people as a whole knew how many successful labels and bands came from money (and I’m speaking even locally successful bands and labels), it might dispel the myth that talent or passion has much to do with success in the music industry. Sure, it plays a part, but the path to developing those skills is much easier when money isn’t a constant worry in your life. And this doesn’t just go for super-rich trust fund kids. It’s easy to afford good equipment, buy a van and work a series of shit jobs in between long tours that don’t pay well when your parents are footing your bills. It’s easy to put out tons of records that won’t recoup when you start off with a big loan you won’t have to pay back.

I’ve said for a long time: as music fans, we are putting ourselves at a disservice with a system where most voices that don’t come from comfort (or even the specific kind of personality that can tour and not lose their mind) are not heard. There is a very real path to success in the entertainment industry that is just impossible for many groups and types of people, but that doesn’t mean their voices aren’t just as potent or important.

Another huge issue with an ersatz patronage system is that it leaves those who already control much of our world with too much power over yet another area of our lives, which allows them to silence voices that might threaten their privilege. We cannot rely on the good will of the rich.

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#4  Pookie
Score:-23 | Jan 15th

I’m not a goddamn Trump supporter and I don’t watch goddamn Fox News, in fact I’m very liberal but I’m not a goddamn loony liberal like the goddamn weirdos here are. And unlike the goddamn brain dead weirdos that comment here I can think for myself. What really amazes me is the goddamn weirdos here that think it’s perfectly acceptable to cancel anybody that doesn’t agree with their goddamn stupidity.

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#2  Pookie
Score:-31 | Jan 15th

Don’t try to have a conversation with the whiny sheeple on Stereogum, they all have their fingers in their ears and are humming too loud to hear anything you might have to say. But they will listen to Tom even though he has said many racist things over the years, but for some strange reason they give him a pass on his goddamn bullshit.

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