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The best character to pick in ‘Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’

February 2nd, 2024

One of the hardest decisions in any hero shooter is “Who do I want to use as my main character?” That is no different in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which asks you to pick your character within the first five minutes of beginning the campaign. But what is the best Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League character?

We have put in around 15 hours across each of the characters during the first few days the servers have been live, and come up with a solid tier list of who you should pick if you want to have the most fun. The game is at its best when you can lay waste to hordes of enemies with abilities as you hop between rooftops and the best characters allow you to do just that.

Below, you can find a breakdown of why the best characters are ranked where they are taking into account their movement, weapons, and abilities and skills within their talent tree. We will be keeping this guide updated in the coming days as we get deeper into each one’s progression.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League best character

The best Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League characters (in order) are:

  1. King Shark
  2. Deadshot
  3. Captain Boomerang
  4. Harley Quinn

Credit: Warner Bros. Games

King Shark

Right now King Shark is by far the best character in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. With the most health out of everyone, he is a walking tank, able to survive most encounters and take a lot of sustained damage. Additionally, his mobility is by far the easiest to use and the best at getting you around from building to building or across the city. He can dash three times in the air, leap forward, and leap straight up in the air extremely high, allowing him to cover all plains of combat – vertical and horizontal.

King Shark’s ground pound ability is also incredible, as it can wipe out entire hordes of grunts and quickly get you back to the ground when needed. His capability to pump out damage is enhanced by his fantastic weapon selection, consisting of miniguns, assault rifles, and shotguns. This covers all ranges and gives you a ton of flexibility in combat, being able to jump around at close range with a minigun or shotgun and King Shark’s dynamic mobility, while being able to tackle snipers with an assault rifle. Simply put, King Shark is the top choice and he is a ton of fun to use too.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League: Deadshot can be seen
Credit: Warner Bros. Games


Playing as Deadshot is an enjoyable time. He has great movement capabilities and he can fly around for ages thanks to his jetpack and how fast it recharges. His rocket-based abilities also ensure that you can do a bunch of damage in targeted areas. The fact you can use pistols and sniper rifles also gives you good coverage at a medium range, which is where he is best suited.

His unlockable bonuses and buffs also allow you to rack up kills incredibly fast, support your team, and boost your combo meter. He isn’t as effective at dealing with sustained damage on large targets, but, he is great at picking enemies off. A solid support option for any co-op team.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League: Captain Boomerang can be seen
Credit: Warner Bros. Games

Captain Boomerang

Boomerang comes in third place right now as although he is a speed demon, able to dart around and deal damage to a variety of enemies, he is a little tricky to use. His boomerang dash takes a while to travel to its destination, so his teleport isn’t instant and his basic abilities aren’t able to deal a ton of damage. As such, compared to the other characters which can completely decimate enemies in an area, Boomerang isn’t as effective in large combat encounters.

However, he does have access to a solid selection of weapons that play into his fast-paced gameplay, like shotguns and snipers which allow you to offload bullets on a target and then get out of the action to recover. Additionally, his health is rather low which can be a problem during fights.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League: Harley can be seen
Credit: Warner Bros. Games

Harley Quinn

Unfortunately, Harley just isn’t quite clicking with the fast-paced, frantic, and vertical combat that Suicide Squad is centered around. While she can get around with her grapple, swinging and launching from buildings, her momentum is far slower than the rest of the squad. There is potential to really master the swings and flow of her movement but right now it is the least effective way to move from building to building.

Additionally, her abilities aren’t the strongest in their current form and without being able to test out endgame build crafting. They cause a whole cavalcade of explosions but compared to the insane area-of-effect damage other characters can do, Harley isn’t quite up to standard. She also has guns mostly focused on close-range fighting, rather than anything at a distance. Pistols can hit from afar, but miniguns and SMGs aren’t that great beyond a medium range. Therefore she is better at a close range in fights although she doesn’t have the abilities or power to decimate enemies at this range.

That covers our guide on what the best character in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is. For even more on the game, check out the latest Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League server status to see if the game is experiencing any online issues.

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