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‘Switch It Up’ Stylist Diedré McKenzie Dishes On The Looks From Protoje & Koffee’s New Video – DancehallMag

January 23rd, 2021

Protoje’s swanky showcase of #squadgoals in his new music video Switch It Up is creating a buzz while climbing the trending list on YouTube Jamaica. Owing largely to the looks served in the decadent dinner scene and casino clips, fans have been flocking to feast on the eye-catching, debonair attire.

Such an artful depiction of Jamaican creatives in their element was unsurprisingly, also styled by one.

Model and designer Diedré McKenzie (@mz_xeri) has brought her concepts to life on previous projects such as Shape Nice from Vybz Kartel, Afro B, and Dre Skull, as well as 2020’s Silver Tongue Devil from Masego and Shenseea.

(Photo by Yannick Reid/@TheTherapistSOL)

McKenzie told DancehallMag that the ornate video concept for Switch It Up was “based on a fusion of the Gatsby and 1940’s era of fashion, with a modern-day twist.” The full-time fashionista and businesswoman filled us in on some behind-the-scenes details in this selection of looks from the video.

Jaz Elise

The purple-haired songstress did not come to play, bringing out her usual “fresh and clean” swag. McKenzie said of her brand that “from beginning to end, the onlooker should be able to understand the message” and Jaz Elise’s outfits play into this well.

Jaz Elise

She looked 1950’s chic in green sequins, headscarf and big bling in the dinner scene, slightly laid back but still stunning in black spandex, black fur jacket, and purple lipstick to match her hair, pictured above.

Jaz Elise (Photo by Yannick Reid/@TheTherapistSOL)

Jesse Royal

Working with Protoje on previous songs such as Sudden Flight, Jesse Royal stepped in for some roots reggae camaraderie. While McKenzie said she couldn’t choose a favorite look overall, she said she loved how all the pieces suited the persona of each cast member.

Royal, a self-professed ‘old-soul’, was seen rocking suspenders as well as matching his Lion Order collaborator with a hunter green blazer over a black turtleneck fit.

Jesse Royal


Sevana also added a ritzy flair to her labelmate’s efforts. Speaking briefly about the vibes on set, McKenzie said, “it was good to see that in a room full of so many creative and accomplished individuals, we were still able to create this masterpiece without feeling overwhelmed.”

Sevana’s accolades include having one of the top 10 music videos of 2020 according to Vulture, and she shined this time around as well in an earth-tone ensemble and blue sparkle dress.


Lila Ikè

Fans agree that Ikè made a standout appearance, looking snatched in every scene.

“We attire clean weh yuh said Ikè”, Koffee raps in her verse, and it’s clear the Solitude singer embodied the ‘glamorous yet trendy’ vibe the stylist envisioned.

“Lila looks very beautiful all dressed up here. She looks like she is in a James Bond movie on the Casino tables” one YouTube fan wrote of Ike’s tailor-made outfits, complete with flashy red glass frames and feathered earrings.

Protoje and Koffee

The trendiest look in Switch It Up, of course, came from the artists themselves.

Both gave Mckenzie full permission to be creative, allowing her to incorporate their aesthetics with the direction the Mz Xeri team had for the shoot. She added that meant creating looks that “switched it up from the main artists usual fashion choices, yet not devoid of who they are and what they like.”

Protoje was decked out in a 3 piece pinstripe suit, while Koffee wore a navy blue blazer and pinstripe country club shorts. The singjay’s outfits matched and mirrored their cadence, like two sides of the same coin — Protoje’s layered, ambitious toasting and Koffee’s breezy, double-time deejaying.

Protoje and Koffee

A master at her craft, McKenzie was also responsible for Ikè’s handmade gloves, fur shawl, and Protoje’s collar pins. She brought out the essence of Protoje’s bars – “Casual or formal/ dem style ya nuh normal”, which she says is the “standard for the Mz Xeri brand. Once I feel like I have transported you into the world of the client, then I feel like I’ve done an effective job at styling for their needs,” she told DancehallMag.

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