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Stefflon Don On Jada Kingdom: ‘There Is Nothing to Rekindle’

July 7th, 2024

British artist Stefflon Don has no interest in being bosom buddies with Jada Kingdom. In fact, she said they were never friends. 

The ladies welcomed 2024 with scathing diss tracks centering their history with afrobeats star Burna Boy.

Reflecting on the short-lived clash, the 16 Shots artist said her relationship with Twinkle was cordial before the showdown but soured after a requested collab didn’t materialize. 

“There is nothing to rekindle…” Stefflon said during GRM Daily’s Thoughts in a Culli on Thursday. “You know what it was? We stopped talking anyway because she asked me to jump on a tune and I took long or something… I think the producer maybe wanted me on her song as well, so she wanted to, and then I think the producer just said to ask how much she changes and I said my fee, but I was thinking it can’t be for that same song cause I’m not gonna charge you for that same song. I just took long cause sometimes I’m just all over the place… I have a million things to do.”

Stefflon said the Win artist reached out to her long after that but deleted the message. 

“Just before the situation with my man, she messaged me and then she unsent it. She said, ‘I’m in London, link up’, and I saw it. She think I didn’t see it but then she unsent it. Anyway, it happened. I wish her the best in her career and stuff… I feel like she’s a dope artist and yeah, it’s really not that deep.”

Tension between the artists’ fan bases started brewing last June when Kingdom was spotted out with Stefflon’s ex, Burna Boy. Subsequently, Stefflon took to her Instagram Story to throw shade at a promiscuous woman, which some fans felt was bitterness towards Burna’s possible new fling. Stefflon would eventually clarify her post, saying it was a jab at her former handlers

Stefflon Don

By July, Burna had name-dropped Kingdom on the remix of Byron Messia’s Talibans, specifically singing, “All of the best p*mp*m deh yah Kingston, so me buy a Birkin fi Jada Kingdom”.

Recall, on Kingdom and The 9ine’s Turn Me On hit, she stipulates that any man desirous of having her as arm candy, has to get her a Birkin bag. However, she made it clear on IDG1F (released three days before Talibans II) that she’s quite stingy with her lady parts, though men can wish away while spoiling her in cash and kind. 

By September, Kingdom was seen out and about with rapping-producer Pardison Fontaine. 

Rapping-producer Pardison Fontaine (left) and Jada Kingdom

Rumours of a reconciliation between Stefflon and Burna started circulating in December after she received a Rolls-Royce vehicle as a birthday gift from an unnamed boo. 

By January, Stefflon teased a song on Rvssian’s Dutty Money rhythm which threatened violence towards a promiscuous woman who slept with her man. That’s when Kingdom entered the chat, confirming a casual fling with Burna

Stefflon said the matter could have been resolved via phone call, leading her to deduce that the ‘Eastsyde Queen’ was seeking clout.

“I don’t even care what he’s (Burna Boy) doing,” she said. “She’s selling, he’s buying – what’s the problem?… We were never friends… It’s not like that was my homegirl. We linked like once or twice. I said in the song “my man (present tense), gyal a box you fi get”… That was my ex; whatever you lot did was whatever you lot did.” 

Stefflon Don and Burna Boy

Stefflon said she was already in the studio with her engineer trying to finish that particular song, and decided to respond with a track (Dat A Dat) instead of an online brawl.

After hurling wild claims surrounding the sexual history and family presenters of each other, the women called it a day with Kingdom’s motivation rooted in respect for her new relationship

Stefflon is currently promoting her debut album, Island 54.

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