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Slipknot “didn’t even” audition anyone besides Eloy Casagrande

May 14th, 2024

Slipknot guitarist Jim Root has revealed how Eloy Casagrande came to be the band’s new drummer.

In late April, Eloy Casagrande was confirmed as Slipknot’s new drummer, taking over Jay Weinberg, who was let go late last year. Since then, Casagrande has opened up about the “complicated” choice he had to make in leaving Brazilian metal legends Sepultura to join Slipknot.

Now, Jim Root has revealed the band’s auditioning process with Casagrande and how he was confirmed into the band. In a new interview with Tone-Talk, Root shared how the band first connected with Casagrande, and new material with their newest member.

Root started by saying that the band had recently played two shows to “introduce our new drummer to the world”, before going on to briefly mention their secret show in Pioneertown and their headlining slot at Sick New World. “Now it’s time to move forward, onward and upward and do a lot more jamming and rehearsing. I need to get myself into writing mode so we can write music worthy of Eloy’s drumming because that dude is a world-class drummer.”

When answering fan questions about how the band got connected with Casagrande, Root revealed: “We didn’t even try anybody else. Eloy’s name came up. He contacted us actually, about wanting to be a part of it and started sending a bunch of videos in. I think him and our bass player might’ve had a little bit of a relationship before. I think they knew each other. They had mutual friends. And [Slipknot bassist] Vman’s really in tune with a lot of really great, proggy, heavy musicians that are passionate about their instruments. And it just seemed like a no-brainer.”

“And he’s really respectful of the legacy of Joey [Jordison], and Joey was a huge influence on him. And he’s so humble. The dude has so much humility. And you could tell he just lives and breathes his craft, to the point where I see his passion and it ignites my passion for my instrument.”

“It’s a cool feeling. He just fits in so well. I don’t know, man. I mean, there’s a lot of things I can say about it. I’m just glad it happened when it did. And we’re lucky to have him — we are really lucky to have that dude.”

Eloy Casagrande. Credit: Mauro Pimentel/Getty

On writing new material with Eloy, Root explained: “We haven’t really started doing that yet. We will be doing that real soon. Eloy has sent me some drum loops… There’s one in particular that I’m thinking about that if it does turn into a song, it’s gonna be an awfully chaotic song, which could be really cool. So, yes and no, he’s contributing, but we haven’t really gotten there yet. We’re trying to get these shows under our belt first and then it’s time to put our nose to the grindstone and start the creative writing process.”

Casagrande made his debut with the band during a last-minute intimate club show at the Pappy + Harriet’s barbecue bar in California on April 25. The surprise gig was announced one day prior to the show date on April 24. Later that week, they headlined the Sick New World festival in Las Vegas.

The intimate gig came after percussionist and founding member Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan told NME that the band are “going back to basics” this year to celebrate their 25th anniversary. “We’re going back to basics. I’m ready to kick everybody in the face again! I’m ready to do a 100-person venue again! I’m ready to do a 500-person venue…”

Slipknot. Credit: Jonathan Weiner
Slipknot. Credit: Jonathan Weiner

Speaking to NME about what Slipknot have planned for 2024, Crahan said: “I’m ready to move on from what has been, and move onto a world that I know needs to be. For instance, normally we’d have about two years on and one-and-a-half years off — we’re not doing that anymore.”

In other news, the band have recently announced their ‘Here Comes The Pain’ 25th anniversary US tour with Knocked Loose and more.

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