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Skylines 2′ citizen teeth are not causing technical issues

October 27th, 2023

Colossal Order has confirmed that the technical issues in Cities: Skylines 2 are not caused by the game trying to render every citizen’s teeth.

Cities: Skylines 2 uses citizens as a marker of the success of a player’s city, with citizens suffering if services are not connected to them or thriving if the are able to meet their every need.

Citizens follow Lifepaths, too, which set out a series of major events in their lives like going to school, graduating and working, health issues, unemployment, and more.

‘Cities Skylines 2’ Credit: Paradox Interactive

However, a Reddit post alleged that the game’s reported issues are due to the fact that teeth of these citizen models are being individually rendered.

It continued to claim that there is no level of detail (LOD) restriction to reduce the quality of the model when the player moves away from the citizen.

Colossal Order disparaged this post as a “bizarre story” and acknowledged that the citizens are part of its plans to improve the performance of Cities: Skylines 2.

“Citizen lifepath feature does not tie to citizen geometry and does not affect the performance figures of the characters,” it said in a statement supplied to press.

‘Cities Skylines 2’ Credit: Paradox Interactive

“We know the characters require further work, as they are currently missing their LODs which affect some parts of performance. We are working on bringing these to the game along general LODs improvements across all game assets.

“Characters feature a lot of details that, while seemingly unnecessary now, will become relevant in the future of the project.”

The developer dropped its first patch to smooth over the technical hindrances of Cities: Skylines 2 yesterday (October 26), homing in on depth of field optimisations and tweaks, instances of crashing and “optimised various stutters across all systems”.

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