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Shaneil Muir’s Ex-Fiancé Denies Stealing Her Money

May 31st, 2024

Shaneil Muir’s ex-fiancé is denying stealing money from the Top Gyal artist. 

Late last month, Muir hinted that she was no longer engaged in an Instagram Story that accused her partner of betrayal.

“Ladies, you affi careful a who you call you man,” she wrote. “Them we a f**k you while a plan up how fi teef yuh 1.7 million. Wicked dem, trust none. God have a BIGGER PLAN!!!”

In a recent TikTok livestream, the man – upholding his mystique with the username ‘1uncle533’ – responded to the allegation made by his former beau. 

“Me just want unno fi believe inna the youth…” he started. “Mi nuh know nothing at all bout no money weh get thief, and we nuh fraid fi jump pon dem ting yah fi mek unno know neither.”

He told viewers that anyone can make a claim, but said he would not disparage someone he was romantically involved with on the internet. 

“If me and the B even have a problem, mi nuh need fi forward pon yah so, come chat a bag of thing. No, a some b*ttyman style that… The real nigga dem, when unno and unno woman have no little thing, and the gyal dem, when unno and unno man have anything…unno nuh jump pon the media… Just gwaan hold unno own.”

The Yamabella hitmaker first publicly acknowledged this relationship in March 2023, during the launch of her Montego Bay-based, Exclusive Collectionz beauty bar. 

In a gratitude post to God, she wrote, “I also want to thank him for blessing me with the PERFECT HUMAN BEING (my fiancé💍). GOD IS GOOD 🙏🏾. Thank you baby for being there ALL THE WAY THROUGH – I love you ❤️.”

But it wouldn’t be until November that the internet got to see a photo of the mystery husband-to-be. The couple went Instagram official in a smiling photo that Muir captioned “Thank you for loving me ♥️”.

Several netizens were unimpressed with his appearance, but the Blessings singer defended her boo during a show in London, United Kingdom. 

“Mi post mi man di other day, and a neva every gyal cup a tea, but a my cup a coffee dat,” she said. 

Earlier this month, Muir poked fun at being all out of “coffee”, and enjoying single life. During an Instagram livestream breaking down her new track Mannequin, the entertainer spoke about not letting her experience with a toxic partner change her personality.  

“I’m not going to allow anyone to change who I am,” she said. “I am kind… I am beautiful, inside-out. Nah mek nobody change me fi be a monster cause you weren’t real…

“Because you don’t know how to handle somebody that God has handpicked for you, I’m supposed to be revengeful? You’re not worth it… I’m not going to be a whole different character because of who or what you did to me. That’s your loss, not mine.”

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