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Rosh Reign Serenades At EP Launch

January 13th, 2023

With only a few weeks to go before the release of her debut EP Reign on February 3, songstress Rosh Reign gave her audience a preview of what to expect on the project with a live band performance at her EP launch on Tuesday at Janga’s Soundbar and Grill in Kingston.

The Tomorrow singer performed all the tracks from her 5-track debut project and added a sixth Firm, which she admitted was not on the EP but explained that it was an important track to her. The project features the tracks: Right Time, Lockdown With Me, Run Come, Living, and Way Up.

She explained that Reign has something for everybody and that each track has its own storyline.

“Right time the first song on the ep is sort of a declaration type of song but one about good vibes so it talks about the right time to shine, it’s the right time, the right season to shine, the right season to just live your best life,” she shared.

The idea for the EP’s second track Lock Down With Me emanated from persons being at home during government-imposed curfews of 2020. “It started because of the pandemic and I wanted to put a twist on it because everyone was complaining about being locked down and I said ok here is the story of two lovers who don’t get the chance to spend time with each other so this lock down is going to serve them well,” she reasoned.

Rosh Reign in performance

Speaking on Run Come, the third track, Rosh said: “It speaks about that yearning for your lover;s love and it doesn’t have to be intimacy, so whether the person is maybe abroad or so, it’s just about missing your lover.”

Living features Sumerr and is another positive vibration song and is just saying don’t listen to wha anybody haffi say, just live your life, don’t let anybody throw shade over your corner because you don’t have time for that,” she explained.

The EP ends with Way Up, which Rosh described as “a song of declaration so it’s declaring that you are going up and declaring your dreams and all of that and speaks to you always knowing that greatness is inside of you and you will feel that greatness.”

Rosh Reign who is from Montego Bay explained that she decided on a Kingston launch for her debut project for multiple reasons.

“Kingston seems to be the heartbeat of musical entertainment, providing various platforms, eyes, ears and media which is needed when trying to reach a certain audience in a certain way. Trying to move from that Up-and-coming Artiste to Artiste space, it was perfect to host the launch here where it would be easy to connect with media houses, producers, fans and well-wishers in the Big city,” she said.

It was clear from the audience that each person had a favorite track, but Rosh said to pinpoint a favorite for herself was difficult.

“It’s almost hard to choose 1 favourite song. I connect deeply to each for different reasons. I really love Right Time. It’s a song of declaration. I’m all for declaring good things! I do love Living ft. Sumerr also. The riddim is swinging in a beautiful way and the message is just beautiful. It’s declaring good things while doing so in a fun and vibezy manner. I love that a lot of people can relate to it and that excites me,” she said.

“The highlight of last night’s (Tuesday) launch was seeing and feeling the love from everyone. Collectively it was so surreal, everybody coming together to make it what it was, was just awesome to feel but sharing the stage with Jahmiel, was an amazing feeling,” she added.

Reign will be being distributed by onerpm.



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