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Popcaan Breaks Silence Amid “Selfish” Claims

June 10th, 2024

As he’s echoed on songs like Silence and Family, Popcaan keeps an eye open for Machiavellian people. 

Amid the industry debates of his alleged selfishness, the ‘Unruly Boss’ took to X on Friday to share some thoughts. 

“Most humans have ulterior motives, don’t make them trick you,” he wrote. “The hardest thing to do now is find genuine people.”

His post came after Vershon’s final address of why he cut him off.

The Inna Real Life artist previously shared his decision to withdraw from Popcaan after noticing a “selfish behaviour” which stifles those around him. But in a video on Friday, Vershon shared the exact scenario that ended their friendship.


It all started when Vershon says Popcaan invited him to a stage show in Papine, St. Andrew.

“Me friend dem, me and you inna the venue, and hear seh one a mi bredren outta door,” Vershon started. “The whole community come down pon him over one misunderstanding, and when me a run go out deh fi go see what happen, you tell me nuh fi go and mi still go out deh go mek sure mi see weh happen and mek sure seh mi brethren alright.”

The Zip It Up artist continued, “The whole community beat him and stab him up and sinting over one misunderstanding. Mi haffi tek him up and bring him go UWI (hospital), and the next day, everybody else call me except fi you and a you call me outta mi bed, my youth. A it dat’s why mi stop par wid yuh. Yuh never call me and ask mi if mi brethren alright, so mi see yaa what type of person.”

In a recent interview, Vershon claimed Popcaan defended his “selfish” trait based on how he was treated while in Vybz Kartel’s Portmore/Gaza Empire. He believes Popcaan wanted him to inherit that modus operandi. 

“Same way how you treat your brethren dem, a dah energy deh yaa try push off pon me badman. How me and mi brethren fi come a show and me hear seh my community rush my brethren, and mi nuh go fi go see what happen? Yaa tell me nuh fi go. A nuh suh me and my brethren dem roll badman. If me and my brethren dem go a road, all fi one, one fi all…”

As interpreted by singer Ce’Cile, Vershon is tired of the erroneous narrative that his comments are coming from a place of envy or entitlement. 

“Unno stop paint the narrative like seh, yow, mi have a problem because me and you nai do nuh collab or me and you nai sign, or whatever case unno a try fi paint… Is your selfish behaviour bro, and mi nah stop seh it… You have an ego. You waan fi disrespect people and chat weh yuh waan chat, and nobody nuh fi seh nothing.”

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