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Placebo announce their first ever live album

November 21st, 2023

Placebo have announced details of their first-ever live album box set, ‘Placebo Live’.

Announced today (November 21), the upcoming box set release marks the first time that the band have shared a live album during the entirety of their 25-year-long career.

It also marks the first time that any live performances from the band have been made available on vinyl, and is comprised of performances captured during their shows in Mexico, Spain and London.

The full live album included on the box set is titled ‘Collapse Into Never: Placebo Live In Europe 2023’, and was recorded live at the Low Festival in Spain earlier this year. It also comes as a clear double-vinyl gatefold.

The two other live sets in the ‘Placebo Live’ box set include performances from the band’s show in Mexico City over the summer – called ‘This Is What You Wanted – and their sessions at the Studio One recording rooms in Twickenham.

The latter comes under the title ‘Live From The White Room’ and is comprised of seven songs from the band’s 2022 album ‘Never Let Me Go’. It is also presented as a softpak gatefold CD, whereas the recording in Mexico is available in a Blu-Ray option.

Elsewhere, the box set features songs from their eponymous debut ‘Placebo’, ‘Black Market Music’, ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’, ‘Battle For The Sun’, and ‘Loud Like Love’.

It is set for release on December 15 via SO recordings and you can pre-order it here. Check out the full track listing below.

‘Collapse Into Never – Live In Europe 2023’
Clear double-vinyl gatefold album tracklist:

1. ‘Forever Chemicals’
2. ‘Beautiful James’
3. ‘Scene of the Crime’
4. ‘Hugz’
5. ‘Happy Birthday In The Sky’
Side 2
6. ‘Bionic’
7. ‘Surrounded By Spies’
8. ‘Sad White Reggae’
9. ‘Try Better Next Time’
10. ‘Too Many Friends’
Side 3
11. ‘Went Missing’
12. ‘For What It’s Worth’
13. ‘Slave To The Wage’
14. ‘Song To Say Goodbye’
15. ‘The Bitter End’
16. ‘Infra-Red’
Side 4
17. ‘Shout’
18. ‘Fix Yourself’
19. ‘Running Up That Hill’

‘This Is What You Wanted – Live in Mexico City’
Blu-Ray feature-length concert film tracklist:

1. ‘Opening Titles’
2. ‘Forever Chemicals’
3. ‘Beautiful James’
4. ‘Scene Of The Crime’
5. ‘Hugz’
6. ‘Happy Birthday In The Sky’
7. ‘Bionic’
8. ‘Twin Demons’
9. ‘Surrounded By Spies’
10. ‘Chemtrails’
11. ‘Sad White Reggae’
12. ‘Try Better Next Time’
13. ‘Too Many Friends’
14. ‘Went Missing’
15. ‘For What It’s Worth’
16. ‘Slave To The Wage’
17. ‘Song To Say Goodbye’
18. ‘Come Undone’
19. ‘The Bitter End’
20. ‘Infra-Red’
21. ‘Shout’
22. ‘Fix Yourself’
23. ‘Running Up That Hill’

‘Live From The White Room’
Softpak gatefold CD tracklist:

1. ‘Beautiful James’
2. ‘Fix Yourself’
3. ‘Happy Birthday In The Sky’
4. ‘Sad White Reggae’
5. ‘Surrounded By Spies’
6. ‘Try Better Next Time’
7. ‘Went Missing’

Placebo Live box set. CREDIT: Press

Back in Spring 2022, the band’s latest album ‘Never Let Me Go’ was given a glistening four-star review from NME, who celebrated the release as their best since 2006.

“You won’t find a ‘Nancy Boy’ on here, but a whole lot of new, wonderful weirdness,” it read.

“The result is Placebo’s best and most consistent album since 2006’s dark, intoxicated ‘Meds’ – and might prove their most rejuvenating since 2003’s arena-filling ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’. ‘Never Let Me Go’ is a true renaissance record… a record that finds Placebo inspired and ready for a new era, reinventing the rock veterans for the modern age.”

In other Placebo news, in August it was reported that the band’s frontman Brian Molko was being sued for defamation by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, following remarks he made on-stage at a show in Turin.

Videos posted from the show captured Molko describing Meloni in Italian as “a piece of shit fascist, racist” and then saying “fuck you” during the band’s set in front of 10,000 fans at Sonic Park Festival.

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