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Netflix scraps release of already-filmed Halle Berry sci-fi movie

January 25th, 2024

Netflix has decided to scrap a new sci-fi thriller titled The Mothership, which completed filming in 2021.

The movie, which starred Halle Berry in the lead, was originally scheduled for release in 2022, with a teaser trailer being shared by Netflix ahead of the year’s releases.

However, according to Variety, the film has now been scrapped due to multiple delays. This is the latest of several films to be cancelled, including John Cena’s Coyote vs. Acme, the $90million DC movie, Batgirl, and the animated film, Scoob! Holiday Haunt.

The Mothership, which was directed by Bridge Of Spies co-writer Matthew Charman, was set to involve a newly single mother, trying to raise her children a year after her husband mysteriously vanishes. When the family discovers an extraterrestrial object under their home, questions begin to be answered about her husband’s disappearance.

Halle Berry attends the 2021 AFI Fest Official Screening of Netflix’s ‘Bruised’ on November 13 2021 in Hollywood, California. CREDIT: Getty/Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for Netflix

According to The InSneider, there were reports that the issues leading to the cancellation may have been surrounding the child actors involved. The movie reportedly required “significant reshoots” which were not viable as the child actors had aged, although this has not been confirmed by Netflix or creators of The Mothership.

Elsewhere, Netflix recently shared its quarterly investor letter, which showed that the streaming service had a successful start to the year, with more than 260million global users currently actively using the site.

However, the letter did also suggest the potential for subscription costs to raise, reading: “As we invest in and improve Netflix, we’ll occasionally ask our presenters to pay a little extra to reflect those improvements, which in turn helps drive the positive flywheel of additional investment to further improve and grow our service.”

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