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Minister Marion Hall Confesses To Using Sex Toy As A Christian: “I Had To Throw It Out”

May 28th, 2024

It’s said that confession is good for the soul, but according to several netizens, it may not be good for social media.

During her Sunday sermon, Minister Marion Hall, formerly raw-chaw dancehall heavyweight Lady Saw, shared that she’s used a vibrator since getting baptised in 2015.

“There was a time, people of God, when I bought a little vibrator and the vibrator was so good, I keep going to the draw to get it,” she confessed to her Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of God congregation.

Hall, who previously shared this struggle with her church, continued, “I had to take it and throw it in the garbage. When I first bought it, I said, ‘God, this is not a man, so I don’t have to ask for forgiveness for this Lord. This is just a little vibrator’. But the vibrator start act better than many man, and mi did get some nice man.”

Hall’s most public relationship was with producer John John which spanned on and off for 18 years, and included two engagements.

Former couple John John and Lady Saw

“Mi did get man weh bad inna bed,” the Room In My House artist said. “Well, the vibrator was badder than the man dem, so I had to throw it out. So people, I’m telling you now so if you hear anything or you see anything, you say, ‘Well, pastor did already tell me she did have a little vibrator’. That is my sin.”

The context for her confession fell under her message that sinners ought to come clean and let God expose the hidden agendas of the enemy. But for some onlookers, some things are better left unsaid.

“Keep it private,” one user wrote. “Confessions for you and God, not the church.”

“Saw just come out of the people dem church yaa and be yourself,” another posited. “We nah grudge you fi it but this nah mek it.”

“Always confess to social media like she can’t do without Instagram. Go tek your sins in prayer.”

Another viewer pondered the predicament of explaining the confession to children in the Florida-based congregation, but some netizens offered Hall grace.

“God is the ultimate judge,” one person commented. “She didn’t have a need to confess to her congregation but to each his own. Sin? Ahh, in the moment it might have led to other thoughts but that’s still for God to decide…”

“The truth will set you free and he who never sin throw the first stone.”

Others saw no fault in her former sexual indulgence.

“Self-appreciation isn’t sin. Better than ho*ing.”

Another wrote, “She likes sex. That’s not only healthy, it’s natural.”

Since her move to Christendom, Hall has faced backlash for controversial statements made during her sermons, and even her fashion sense.

Her advice and opinions on the music and lifestyles of celebrities like Shenseea and Spice have caused some to question her faith. Similarly, her dedication to Christ was scrutinised upon her decision to return to dancehall to win souls after being accused of using obeah to stifle other female artists.

From showing a little cleavage to sporting mesh-detailed jumpsuits, Hall’s style has also been compared to Saw’s. Last year, she claimed she was shunned by churches following the release of the cover art of her single I’m Doing Better.

Of course, there have been her spicy clapbacks on social media, most notably “come kiss out mi Bible” which some netizens felt erred dangerously close to her former alias.

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