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Macka Diamond Believes OnlyFans Was Leaked By Member Of Music Fraternity

September 29th, 2022

Dye Dye singer Macka Diamond believes that rival interests in the world of dancehall are perpetrating a malicious campaign of leaking her OnlyFans videos online.

“I believe is somebody in music who is doing this to me,” a ticked-off Macka Diamond said. 

Diamond is hopping mad that yet another video, culled from her OnlyFans account, has been making the rounds on social media. The video shows a semi-nude Macka Diamond exposing her breasts while touching herself provocatively.

“This video is almost two years old. I think someone is trying to leak these videos strategically to slow down my career. Why every time mi ah get hot dem do this to me? I am going to go on my Onlyfans account and delete off all the videos, I don’t know who is leaking these videos,” Macka Diamond said.

Macka Diamond

This is not the first time that the singer has had content leaked from OnlyFans. In June, racy videos from the 51-year-old began making the rounds on WhatsApp but she largely remained mum on the leak.

“Why you’re doing this? Oonu don’t want me get a husband or a man for mi self?” Macka Diamond joked. 

Macka Diamond has enjoyed a career resurgence recently, riding the momentum from her head-turning performance at Alkaline’s New Rules Festival over the Summer. Since that time, she has released singles such as Big Woman Choppa, Diamond In The Rough by Sponge Music, and Dream Body by Trill City Global.

Early in her career during the 1980s, she was known by the stage names Lady Charm, Lady Worries and Lady Mackerel. She was influenced by female artists such as Sister Nancy, Lady Ann, Lady Junie and Lady G, who were big at that time. With Junie’s help, she got the chance to record “Don Girl”. After a string of singles, including collaborations with Captain Barkey and Wickerman, she changed her name to Macka Diamond with her 2003 single “Tek Con”, a protest record to Vybz Kartel’s chauvinistic track “Tek Buddy”.

She followed up with hits such as Done Already, and even won the Female DJ of the Year crown twice. Years later, she scored a huge hit with Bun Him featuring Black-er.

She continued to churn out songs such as Cow Foot and Hula Hoop, before Dye Dye that did well in ethnic reggae markets internationally. 

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