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Les Savy Fav announce first new album in 14 years with ‘Oui, LSF’

February 27th, 2024

Les Savy Fav have announced ‘Oui, LSF’, their first new album in 14 years.

The US indie rockers – comprising Tim Harrington, Seth Jabour, Syd Butler, Harrison Haynes and Andrew Reuland – will release ‘Oui, LSF’ on May 10th via Frenchkiss/The Orchard, which is available to pre-order/ pre-save now from here.

The announcement comes alongside the release of their boisterous new track ‘Guzzle Blood’, which follows this month’s comeback single ‘Legendary Tippers’.

“As the first song on ‘OUI, LSF’, Guzzle Blood drops you into the bottom of a dark well,” said frontman Harrington in a statement. “In a lot of ways the rest of the record is about the things we do to climb back out.”

Listten to ‘Guzzle Blood’ below.

It’s been over a decade since the band’s last album, 2010’s ‘Root For Ruin’. “When we finished our last record, there was a sense that if we were going to do more, we wanted to do something more ambitious,” Harrington added. “I think it took us a while to even get in a space where that was possible.”

Reflecting on the band’s journey, the frontman explained: “The band was never a job, so we can’t get fired and don’t have to quit. We had the time to figure out how to bring the people we’ve become and the people we are as artists together authentically. There’s a chaotic, untethered ecstasy at the center of the band’s universe. Squaring that with the desire to create stability and the need to endure some grind isn’t easy.”

‘Oui, LSF’ (CREDIT: Press)

Les Savy Fav’s ‘Oui, LSF’ tracklist is:

1. ‘Guzzle Blood’
2. ‘Limo Scene’
3. ‘Void Moon’ 
4. ‘Mischief Night’
5. ‘What We Don’t Don’t Want’
6. ‘Legendary Tippers’
7. ‘Dawn Patrol’
8. ‘Somebody Needs A Hug’
9. ‘Racing Bees’
10. ‘Don’t Mind Me’
11. ‘Oi! Division’
12. ‘Barbs’
13. ‘Nihilists’
14. ‘World Got Great’

The group have continued to perform over the years, but began songwriting properly again after playing Primavera in 2022.

“The last record was a lot about holding on. ‘OUI, LSF’ is the sound of release – no map, no preconceptions, no self-righteous certainty,” Butler said. “There’s nothing like hitting 50 to slap the cocksure vanity off your face.”

A press release describes the album as a “glorious mix of tragedy and comedy” with “nods to the band’s eclectic musical taste – delightfully weird and utterly them”.

The band will be playing UK and Ireland shows later this month and will also appear at Primavera Sound in May. Check out the dates so far and find tickets here.

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