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King Calie Returns With ‘King Inna Dis’

January 10th, 2023

Following an hiatus for much of 2022, reigning Magnum Top Performa King Calie has reemerged in 2023 with his latest single King Inna Dis but explained that his time away was deliberate.

The Pondemik Records produced track arrived with new visuals last Friday. 

King Calie explained, “After an achievement humans tend to make decisions that in the short run seem to make sense or be progressive for their career, but in the long run it is detrimental to the overall journey. Talent competitions/shows enforce a stigma that encourages (new) artists to release a lot of music and maintain the public association with the competition. This boxes the artist in as a “competition artist” and no matter what efforts you make you can’t escape that title.”

He further reasoned that pauses are integral.

“Breaks are a necessary part of the development and growth process as an artist, and I’m glad I took a break to work on my art and figure out where I want my career to go,” he said.

“For a long time, I viewed talent competitions as a way to get a wide reach as an artist, but I see that there are also pitfalls that come with that publicity. Sometimes a little silence and an intentional pause can be the key to a successful career.”

King Calie

When asked to explain the relevance of the song’s title, the Dweet singer said that he will leave the interpretation up to his listeners.

“King Inna Dis has several meanings and is heavily based on personal perspective. I find that explaining art takes away from the experience. So I’ll give your reader the freedom to decide what they think being a “king inna dis” means. I look forward to hearing the public’s opinions.”

 “My creative process is more of a lifestyle spanning days. The actual creation of the art can take minutes. The challenging part is preparing oneself to be mentally capable to link real life situations intricately to tell a story that sparks interest in the main themes of that story,” he added.

He continued, “ I think this is what sets true artists apart from everyone else. The end goal of releasing that art being to inspire others to take a deeper look at the lives of kids growing up across Jamaica, their successes, trials and tribulations.  The day to day life of a young yute in Jamaica inspired a lot of who I am today and the content of my music.”

King Calie has released two tracks in the past two months on course for 6 in 6 months. The first Safe addresses the rise in violence against women, while King Inna Dis sets the tone for any and all detractors and or competitors to fall in line.


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