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Jah Cure, Don Corleon Team Up For Remix Of ‘One More Time’

November 20th, 2023

With an enviable career loaded with quality records, established music producer Donovan ‘Don Corleon’ Bennett doesn’t just sprinkle his magic on any old project. In fact, as he tells it, it takes someone and something truly spectacular to get him to jump on a track. So, having worked with Jah Cure on singles such as Longing For and What Will It Take, when he was approached once more to team up with the singer, Don Corleon had zero reservations.

The two have paired up for the remix of One More Time, which originally featured on Jah Cure’s last album, Undeniable. Neil Diamond, longtime A&R for Jah Cure thought that the single which emerged as a fan favourite, could use a rebirth.

“I am a very picky person and if you ask anybody, they will tell you that. But I loved the track from I heard it. It’s typical Jah Cure doing a love song with a catchy groove,” Don Corleon told DancehallMag. “So when Neil reached out and said he had this track with Cure and him wah me remix it and him want an authentic sound, from a I heard it I knew it would be very easy for me.”

Admitting that the chemistry between himself and Jah Cure is undeniable, Don Corleon said he knew the two could once again cook up something special.

Don Corleon

“It’s always a pleasure working with Cure. Our chemistry and the sound and the whole vibe. I was a fan of Jah Cure even before I voiced him. I used to play certain sounds like Turbo Force, and that was actually where I played one a Cure’s song for the first time and mi just love his voice. He’s an amazing vocalist. One of the top vocalist to me in ternsm of a signature sound and singing with emotions,” the ace producer said. “Coming from the world of selecting I know what the people want to hear and that’s what I implement in my productions. I like the song and so I knew if I put my best into it then people will love it too.”

The One More Time remix was released on November 16 across all digital platforms. Having poured his all into the production, Corleon said he’s leaving the leg work of the track to listeners. According to him, quality music will always speak for itself and so he tries not to have too many expectations of his work.

“When I do music I don’t think if it’s going to give me a vibes or it’s going to be a hit. I just create a good song and put my best into it. Everything I make is not always right but I have a high success rate of making hit records,” he said.

“This track is good music. I don’t really believe in expectations like that. I do good music and put it out there in the universe and if people like it so be it. If they don’t, we move on and try again. That is my philosophy.”

“It’s a wonderful, amazing song and it was a really good thing for me and Jah Cure to link up back on this track,” he added.

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