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I’m as much of a wrestler as Chris Jericho is a singer

June 1st, 2024

Sebastian Bach has seemingly reignited his feud with pro-wrestler and Fozzy lead singer Chris Jericho.

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer featuring fan-sourced questions from social media, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach took yet another jab at Jericho. When asked if he’d ever have a “sing-off” with Jericho, Bach replied: “The better question would be, will he do a wrestle-off with Sebastian Bach? Because I’m as much of a wrestler as he is a singer.”

The question seemed to reference a series of Twitter (now known as X) posts from 2020, in which Bach accused Jericho of lip-syncing during Fozzy shows.

Bach’s post kicked off a tense series of back-and-forth posts between himself and Jericho, who challenged Bach to a sing-off. You can see those posts below.

It seems that nothing further transpired from the back-and-forth exchanges on social media, and that the topic had died down over time.

Elsewhere during his chat with Metal Hammer, Sebastian Bach also spoke of his past feud with Jon Bon Jovi, which has since been squashed. While details of their beef aren’t clear, Bach alleged in his memoir that he and Jon Bon Jovi had an altercation while on tour together in the 1980s.

Sebastian Bach. Credit: Joey Foley/Getty Images

He recalled mending the fence with Bon Jovi in 2006: “When I opened up for Guns N’ Roses at Wembley [in 2006], me and Axl Rose were staying at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London. We were having dinner and the waitress said, ‘Hey, there’s somebody in the corner who wants to say hi.’ It was Jon Bon Jovi and I had a couple of glasses of wine in me so I just stood up and walked over.”

Bach continued: “Jon looked at me with a look like, ‘Are you going to be a fucking dick? Are you going to be cool?’ and I just said, ‘Hey, dude, how’s it going?’ We had a long ride together with a lot of success and there’s a lot of great memories, despite what the internet will tell you. So I invited him over to our table and me, Jon and Axl had a great night, inhaling red wine and reminiscing.”

Earlier this year, NME spoke to Jericho ahead of Fozzy’s UK tour. Over the course of the conversation, Jericho spoke about the band’s sound, which he described as “ like if Metallica and Journey had a bastard child that was raised by AC/DC, you might have a little bit of a sense of what we sound like”.

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