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‘Final Fantasy 16’s’ PC port is “currently underway”, says producer

September 4th, 2023

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida has shared that the game’s PC port is in development now, as well as a rough idea of when fans will learn more about it.

“While Final Fantasy 16 launched as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, we are aware that many of you have been asking for a PC version. So, allow me to take this opportunity to officially announce that development on a PC version is currently underway,” said Yoshida in a video posted to X (previously Twitter).

Yoshida also added that the game has gotten a free update that adds alternate costumes for Ambrosia, Clive, Joshua, Jill and Torgal, optional cosmetic changes for weapons without losing the stats of the equipped one, “minor changes” like new controller layouts and more.

“I hope to be able to give you more information on both the upcoming DLC and the PC version before the end of the year, so please stay tuned,” concluded the producer.

As Final Fantasy 16 is in a six-month exclusivity deal on the PlayStation 5, PC players will be waiting for a little while longer. However, seeing that Yoshida was wanting to offer more information on the port, it seems like Square Enix is aiming to release that version of the game as soon as it is able to.

The team will have their noses to the grindstone on the two downloadable content expansions (or DLCs) too. While Yoshida wasn’t able to discuss when those DLCs would land in players’ hands, they will be paid packs and one of them will be set in Valisthea.

Final Fantasy 16. Credit: Square Enix

NME awarded Final Fantasy 16 four out of five stars in its review in June, deeming it a “resounding victory” for successfully welcoming new players as well as long-time fans.

“This is a story about six scheming kingdoms fighting for the scraps of a dying world, garnished with cinematics of warring armies and their Eikons battling like haphazard nuclear bombs. Yet it’s the smaller, human element that gives Final Fantasy 16‘s macrocosmic story its stakes,” said Andy Brown.

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