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January 18th, 2021

The latest feud in Dancehall has gained momentum now with the Saturday, January 16 release of a counteraction diss track by Dancehall artist Shane E. The deejay has single-handedly taken on the Up Top Camp, i.e. the boss, TeeJay, and captain, JDon Heights with another Dunrich Muzik produced single, Gun Play.

The current beef between the deejays began when the Up Top Camp jumped on a rumor that alleged Shane E, the “Drag Lord”, was beaten up in Sandy Park, St. Andrew. A humiliated Shane E quickly went on his Instagram Live to defuse the claim. If that wasn’t enough, the deejay went onto release a track last week entitled, Sandy Park (on the Sentyside Riddim) to deny the beating.

“Seh dem beat mi a lie a fame dem a look,” Shane deejayed before issuing a warning to those making light of the rumors: “It nuh take nuttn fi go kill dem off, simple ting fi mi kill dem off. Stop from talk, mi will fu-k up ah Sandy Park, none a dem nah make nuh walk. Pu—y dem love to talk.”

That elicited a response from the Up Top Camp.

JDon confidently returned with Liu Kang Kick where he calls Shane E a drag queen and goes on to not only attest that the rumor about Shane is true but insinuates he even had a hand in the beating. “Yuh nu see seh Chatty Chatty him a drag queen. Wah mount a box mi hand gi him, premeditated like we did plan fi him.”

The track was proudly endorsed by TeeJay who took the opportunity to show his support by posting the song on his Instagram page with the caption, “dis drag queen.” Shane E replied on IG with the caption “can’t bother with the talking @uptopboss_official” and with notice that he had a track loading.

JDon Heights, TeeJay

Without even waiting for the counteraction from Shane E, the Up Top Captain, (JDon) followed up with Evidence the following day with even more threats. “Sandy Park, tell dem bring the choppa come, only ting dem (Shane E) got a tongue. Set foot in a we village a talk seh yuh a di sickest ting so we get a broad board and bax yuh dung.”

Finally, Shane E has returned with his diss track, Gun Play to take out each of his opponents and a certain top associate. Starting with JDon, he says, “Mi deal with the partner the wuss way. A me do the crime and buss face, page dem ends in a di fuss place. Tell yuh friend weh a hype, show him buss face.”

Then aimed at TeeJay, Shane turns up the threats and throws a wicked jab. “Switch the ball game now dead play. Kill order done send 10k. We have tools, we nuh rent K and dem know to… Mi love gun, fun day, gunplay, you love trace, fuck face, duck tape. When you just wake, pull up a yuh front gate. Ah done yuh money done why yuh lose nuff weight.”

This is particularly baiting, as TeeJay has publicly credited his recent 50lb weight loss to implementing a strict “crackers and water” diet.

The Hundred Duppy deejay goes on to deny the beating yet again. “Bax who, bax who, bax who? Dem can’t dweet, bax who? Yuh mad, yuh sick?”

He adds that even their “boss” in “Flankers” (in Montego Bay) can save them.

This, many fans are assuming could be Tommy Lee Sparta, which whom Shane E has had a longstanding feud. The deejay says, “No emotion, kill everyting mi na pamper, mi nuh hear nuh boss answer, well this is ah di last answer, nutt’n cant save yuh, all when yuh go a Flankers.”

The rumors that started this beef allege that Shane E might have brought about the beating on himself.  According to sources, the deejay was visiting a block in the Sandy Park area where one of Tommy Lee’s tracks was playing. Shane E, apparently in an outburst said he didn’t want to hear anything from the Maniac deejay, this prompted a dispute, and Shane E was allegedly beaten up.

The fans have already come out in their numbers to express their opinions on who they think is winning this war … “Shane-e ah lead, three song with three different styles oh god ,” said one YouTube follower.

Others chimed in, “Bomboclaat war start Chune Yah Bad Shane E GUN PLAY,” and “Shane E this is what you called a good song yuh seems like yuh ready fi di war lyrically .”

Another said he hated to admit it but Shane E took this one, “I rather to see the unity but separate and apart from it. Shane E drop some fire on this one .”

Now everyone is waiting on JDon with his return or perhaps the Up Top Boss may take it from here … stay tuned.

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